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Official No:  149198   Port Number and Year:   Lowestoft, 1927

Description: Steel side drifter trawler, steam, coal fired, single screw. Ketch rigged.

Crew: 9 men (1927).

Built: 1927, by Cochrane & Sons, Selby. (Yard no. 999)

Tonnage: 102 grt  43 net; 111 grt  39 net (1960).

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 90.3  / 19.0 / 9.2

Engine: T.3-Cyl., 260 ihp, 9 kts; by W.Burrell & Co., Yarmouth.  30 Aug 1960: Oil, 5-cyl. 315 bhp; Mirrlrrs, Bickerton & Day Ltd., Stockport.



As LT324.

10 Jun 1927: G. Catchpole.

                     F. E. Catchpole.

                     F. Mullender, Lowestoft. (Managing owner.)


23 Dec 1929: George Frederick Catchpole.

                       Francis George Gamble.

                       Orlando Frederick Mullender, 'Ambleside', Kirkley Park Rd., Lowestoft. (Managing owner.)


21 Mar 1934: George Catchpole.

                        Francis George Gamble.                      

                        Frederick E. Catchpole, 406 London Rd. South,  Lowestoft. (Managing owner.)


21 Feb 1945: John Francis Gamble & D.G. Gamble.

                       Ernest Herbert Holland.

                       Frederick Ernest Catchpole. (Managing owner.)


16 Mar 1945: Accord (Lowestoft) Ltd., Lowestoft.

Manager: F. E. Catchpole.


18 Mar 1949: Gilbert & Co., 6 Battery Green Rd., Lowestoft.

Manager: Arthur G. Gilbert, 54 Kirley Park Rd., Lowestoft.


18 Mar 1958: Anson Steam Trawler Co. Ltd., Milford.


17 Nov 1959: Picton Bros., (Milford Haven), Docks, Milford


Landed at Milford: (Seasonal, 1927 - 1938; 1948 - 1959 ).  12 Sep 1960 - 11 Dec 1969.

Skippers: Bill Phillips (1969)


8 Jan 1930: William Turrell was presented with the bronze medal and vellum of the Royal Humane Society for his gallantry in jumping into the sea in heavy weather in an attempted to save a man who had fallen overboard. [The Times, Friday, 10th January 1930.]  See below.

16 Nov 1939: Requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to a minesweeper (P.No. FY.983). LL Magnetic Minesweeping Drifter.

25 Dec 1940 - 18 Jan 1945: Based at HMS SKIRMISHER, Milford Haven.

4 Sep 1942: John James Reynolds, Skipper RNR, HMD ONE ACCORD, awarded DSC "awarded for courage and endurance while minesweeping."

Nov 1944: Employed on miscellaneous naval duties.

1946: Returned to owners.

10 Dec 1969: Collision with German tanker YORKSAND.  (See below.)

27 Jun 1989: Lowestoft Registry closed.

Feb 1970: Broken up by Haulbowline Industries, Passage West, Co. Cork.

[Lofthouse T., Mayes G., Newton D., & Thompson M. (2012): Cochrane Shipbuilders Vol.1: 1884 - 1914.]

Accidents and Incidents


From The Times of Tuesday 19th November 1929, p.11:




William Turrell, 27, second engineer in the trawler One Accord, of 8, Coastguard-cottages, Kessingland-beach, Kessingland, on October 23rd attempted to save Edward W. Read, a hand in the trawler.  In a strong wind and a rough sea, Read fell overboard.  Clothed in oil-skins and sea boots, Turrell jumped in, but failed to reach him before he sank.


[See Certificate below, thanks to Brian Turrell.]



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 11th April 1958:


    The drifter trawler One Accord is now being fitted out in Milford Haven before sailing on her first voyage for her new owners, Messrs. Picton Brothers, Ltd., trawler owners and coal factors of Cromwell Road, Milford Haven.  She arrived from Lowestoft last week. ...........



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 6th March 1959:


    With the Merchants Ltd. trawler Merchant Valour being tied up this week, the number of trawler skippers now unemployed at Milford has risen to a score.  In recent months the trawlers Merchant Victor and Merchant Valour, the Lorraine, Peter Carey, Night Hawk and One Accord have all gone to the wall.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 23rd September 1960:


    The drifter trawler One Accord landed her first trip at Milford last week after being converted from coal to diesel.  She is owned by Picton Brothers.  This latest conversion means that there are only four coal burning trawlers now left in the Milford fleet, and their continued sailing is threatened by the coal price increase.



From the Western Mail, of Thursday 11th December 1969:

Trawler holed in crash

    A Milford Haven trawler was holed in a collision with a German tanker off the Pembrokeshire coast yesterday.

    The trawler, One Accord, returned to Milford Haven at a slow speed with a large hole in the stern. None of the crew was injured.  The trawler and the tanker, Yorkfand [sic], collided two-and-a-half miles off the Smalls lighthouse.   A coastguard said visibility was good.

    The Yorkfand, which was leaving the Bristol Channel, stood by the trawler, but later left to continue to the Continent.  Earlier in the day the One Accord left Milford Haven with a seven-man crew, skippered by Mr. Bill Phillips.

    The vessel, owned by Picton Brothers, of Milford Haven, was built in 1928 and has been fishing from Milford Haven since the last war.  The trawler was accompanied back into Milford Haven by another trawler, the Ross Fame which had been in the Cardigan Bay.  A Mayday message was sent after the collision, and officials of the company were at St. Ann's Head to try to make an inspection of the boat as it entered the bay.

 [ The name of the German tanker was YORKSAND, and it was the bow (see below) not the stern of the ONE ACCORD which was damaged. ]


Damage to the bow of ONE ACCORD after collision with the YORKSAND

Photograph kindly supplied by Mike Crutchley



From a local newspaper, probably the West Wales Guardian of Friday 6th February 1970:


    The One Accord, managed by Norrard Trawlers Ltd., which was severely damaged in a collision several weeks ago, is to be scrapped.



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