Official No:   99697    Port and Year:  14th in Grimsby, 1893. (GY507)

                                                                    -    in  London, 1896  (LO133)

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burner. Yawl rigged. Wheelhouse aft.

Crew: 9 men (1893).

Built: 1893, by Mackie & Thomson, Glasgow.  (Yard no. 67)

Tonnage: 141 grt  54 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 97.8 / 20.5 / 10.7

Engine: T-3 Cyl. 35 rhp.  Muir & Houston, Glasgow.



As GY507

19 Jul 1893: Great Grimsby Ice Co. Ltd, Grimsby.

Manager: John O. Hawke, Fish Dock, Grimsby.


As LO133

26 Apr 1896: Hewitt & Co., Fish Market, Shadwell, London.

Manager: R. M. Hewett. (Same address.)

                George M. Handscomb, Riverside, Gorleston, Suffolk. (By 1903.)


By 1909: Charles T. Pannell, 60 Durley Rd., Stamford Hill, Middlesex.

Manager: James Tidman, 228 High St., Gorleston, Suffolk.

                Edward Brand, Docks, Milford. (By 1910.)


Dec 1913: Charles E. B. L. Curzon, Docks, Milford.

Managing owner. (Home address: Watermouth, Berrynarbor, Devon.)


17 Jul 1914: J. Scouryalos, Greece.

(In Lloyd's Register under the same name up to 1932-33; not subsequently.)


Landed at Milford: 7 Mar - Oct 26 1907;  8 Jan 1908 - 14 Jul 1914.

Skippers: C. J. King (1911)


Local newspaper reports suggest that Messrs. Brand & Co. were probably managers by 1907, when regular landings at Milford began.

Accidents and Incidents

From The Pembroke County and Cardigan Reporter of Friday 10th December 1909:



    Last Friday morning's gale will long be remembered at Milford Haven as one of the severest for many years. The fishing fleet suffered considerable damage. Most of the vessels which have arrived during the past week reported having encountered terrible weather.   ..............

    The "Osprey," a steam trawler which arrived on Monday, reported having been met by the full force of the gale about 150 miles to the westward. She lost all her gear. The steam trawler "Cambria" had to return disabled to Milford Docks. The smacks "Claudine" and "Alpha" also received considerable, damage to sails and rigging. The steam trawler "Triton," which was rumoured to have been driven on to a dangerous part of the coast, had a fearful time, but, fortunately, arrived in dock with very slight damage.



From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 26th August 1910:





Yesterday morning week the steam trawler "Osprey", owned by Messrs. Brand & Co., landed a large catch of prime fish. Her trip comprised over 100 turbots and brills, two trunks of soles, and other kinds of fish. Good prices were given, and a very remunerative trip was realised.



From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of  Wednesday 17th December 1913:


    Mr. Brand and Co. have disposed of their smaller vessels, viz. Halcyon, Teal, Osprey and Cygnet, to Mr Curzon, the owner of the steam trawler Quebec, and they will remain in the port.  These vessels, known as the little London boats, have done remarkably well ever since they came to the port.



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