John Stevenson Collection

Official No:  123253   Port and Year:   Hull, 1906 (H881)

                                                                 Grimsby, 1919 (GY655)

                                                                 Hull, 1923 (H901)

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw; ketch rigged; wheelhouse aft.

Crew: 9 men (1906).

Built: 1906, by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Beverley.  (Yard No.104)

Tonnage: 173 grt  53 net (1911); 68 net (1 Jan 1914).

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 108.5  / 21.6  / 11.5

Engine T.3-Cyl; 45 rhp; by Amos & Smith, Hull



17 May 1906: Hellyer's Steam Fishing Co. Ltd., Hull.

Manager: Charles Hellyer, St. Andrew's Dock, Hull.


4 Sep 1917: Mrs Henrietta G. Hordern, Larkenshaw, Chobham, Surrey.

Manager: Charles Curzon, The Docks,  Milford.


As GY655

24 Nov 1919: Charles Dobson, Fish Docks, Grimsby.

Managing owner.


May 1920: Dobson Steam Fishing Co. Ltd., Fish Docks, Grimsby

Manager: Charles Dobson. (Same address.)


As H901

14 Dec 1923: Kelsall Bros., & Beeching, Ltd., 32 Fenchurch St., London EC3.

Manager: Joseph Vivian, 'Westbourne', Cardigan Rd., Bridlington.


1924: Hull Steam Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd., 32 Fenchurch St., London EC3.

Manager: Robert Burton, St. Andrew's Dock, Hull.

                  Charles H. Emerson, St. Andrew's Dock, Hull. (1932-


24 Jul 1936: Crescent Steam Trawling Co. Ltd. , Docks, Milford.

Manager: Norman Ian Chamberline, 'Hensol', Johnston, Pembs.


1945: N. I. Chamberlain, Docks, Milford.


Landed at Milford: 23 Jul 1936 - 13 Apr 1950

Skippers: Steve Pembroke; Fred J. Jones ('Flagon')


Sep 1914: Requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to a minesweeper (Admy.No.44). 1x6pdr. AA; 1x7.5" bomb thrower.

Dec 1915: As PHOEBE II.

1919: Returned to owners.

21 Jan 1952: Sold for breaking up at Ward's Yard, Castle Pill.

Accidents and Incidents

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 27th July 1945:


    News was received in Milford Haven on Wednesday that the steam trawler "Gozo" (Milford Fisheries) has been sunk. The trawler struck a mine in the south-west Irish fishing grounds the previous day. The crew, under Skipper W. Corney, 56,Wellington Road, Hakin, is safe although one of them, Third Hand W. J. Mitchell, 74, Cromwell Road, Hull, received an injury to the ribs. They were rescued by the steam trawler "Phoebe" and taken into the Irish port of Kinsale where they were picked up by one of their own company's trawlers. They arrived in Milford Haven this morning. (Friday).



From a local newspaper, thought to be the West Wales Guardian of Friday 22nd July 1945:


    Three fishermen, James Charles Whitford, Chief Engineer, 45 Charles Street, Neyland; George Lenard Charles, Second Engineer, 19 Chapel Street, Hakin and Arthur Henry Thorne, Fireman, 35 Point Street, Hakin, were convicted by Milford Haven magistrates on Wednesday for combining together to disobey a lawful command to go to sea on the steam trawler Phoebe, on June 25th.

    Whitford and Charles were fined 15 each, with the alternative of two months' imprisonment, and Thorne 5, with a month's imprisonment in default.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 25th April 1952:


    The trawler Norrard, one of the smaller vessels belonging to Messrs. Goodleigh Fisheries, has this week gone to the breakers' yard at Pill Point, bringing the total of trawlers scrapped during the past year to eight.

    She was preceded by the Phoebe, Ellesmere, Tresco, Lavenham, Framlingham, St.Vincent and Ocean Shield.  All these vessels were seaworthy but had become uneconomical to run.



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