Official No:    106740  Port Number and Year:     15th in Hull, 1897  (H350 )

                                                                                    10th in Milford, 1904

Description: Steel side / beam trawler; steam screw; coal burner. Ketch rigged: foresail and mizzen 

Crew: 9 men (1897, 1904).

Registered in Milford: 5 Nov 1904

Built: Hawthorn, Leslie & Co., Leith, 1897 (Yard no. 62)

Tonnage: 184.36 gross 53.88 net 

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 112.5 / 21.1 / 11.15

Engine: 60 h.p.



As H350

29 Apr 1897:  James Albert Smith, 46 North Boulevard, Hull.

Managing owner.

By 1903: The J. A. Smith Steam Trawling Co. Ltd., St. Andrew's Dock, Hull.

Manager: J. A. Smith, 46 North Boulevard, Hull.


As M61

5 Nov 1904:  William Jenkins, The Docks,  Milford.

Managing owner.


30 Mar 1908: William Jenkins, The Docks,  Milford. (Managing owner.)

Richard D. James, Hazelbeach, Neyland. (By 1910: Managing owner.)

Andrew Ford, 'Hayog', Letterston.

Thomas Griffiths, 'Swmbach', Letterston.

George Matthias, Letterston.

Isaac John Jenkins, Milford.


23 Aug 1911: Italian owners.


Landed at Milford: 3 Nov 1904 - 26 Sep 1908


Henry Hill cert. no. 3190, age -, born -; residing -; signed on  5 Nov 1904

William Henry Davies 5716, 27, Caerphilly; 'Laburnam House', Hazelbeach, Llanstadwell; 3 Jan 1905

W. Weyman - , 29, Torquay; 19 Jan 1905

James Gale 1771, 44, Hull; Brooke Ave., Milford; 6 Mar, 7 Jul 1905

William Kingston 2182, 43, Riplingham; 9 Aug 1905; 3 Jan 1906

A. Taylor 5872, 34, Grimsby; 10 Mar 1906

Benjamin Bryant 4468, 32, Yarmouth; 12 Greville Rd., Milford; 27 Apr, 4 Jul 1906

William Kingston - , - , - ; 13 Greville Rd., Milford; 14 Jan 1908

Charles Isaac Wildridge 1847, 43, Hull; 16 Dartmouth Gardens, Milford; 22 Feb, 3 Jul 1908


Rosslyn Castle is a partially ruined castle 9 miles south of Edinburgh. 


Cert. Cancelled & Registry Closed: 23 Aug 1911.  Vessel sold to Italian owners.

 Accidents and Incidents:

Log book entries:



Milford Haven

Steam trawler 'Dorothy' ran into us.  Rail bent, two plates dented and cement started on deck.  'Dorothy' anchoring too close to us giving us a foul berth.

    Benjamin Bryant (Skipper)



5 miles W of St Ann's Head

Small boat smashed - shipped sea over starboard quarter.

   Charles Isaac Wildridge (Skipper)

    H. Stedall (Mate)




From the Pembroke County Guardian of Friday 17th August 1906:


Mad Dog in Milford Streets. On Tuesday, whilst a man named Abbott, employed as a deck hand on the steam trawler Rosslyn Castle, was walking along the dock with a big black dog, it commenced biting at fish boxes and kits, and soon showed symptoms of madness. In endeavouring to hold the animal Abbott received a nasty bite on the cheek. The brute then made for the printing works of Mr. Johns, and afterwards found its way into the garden of Mr. Beed, where it was shot. The carcass was taken charge of by the police.



From the Pembroke County Guardian of Friday 17th May 1907:


FISHERMAN'S PRECARIOUS POSITION. Mr. J. Cayley was on board his trawler "Reliance," on Friday afternoon and saw a man descending the ladder on to the "Alpha" in an awkward manner. A few moments later he heard a splash but no cries. Mr. Cayley ran to the side of the ship and then on to the "Rosslyn Castle," and found a man in the water with his arm up-stretched. Leaning over he just managed to catch hold of his hand and then the man secured Mr. Cayley's wrist with a vice-like grip. The latter shouted for assistance as it was impossible alone to effect a rescue. Fortunately a number of men were handy and also came to the rescue, the man being safely got aboard. He turned out to be one of the crew of the "Rosslyn Castle."



From the Haverfordwest and Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 15th February 1911:


    At the Lord Nelson on Wednesday afternoon Messrs. Evans and Roach put up a number of trawlers and other vessels for sale by auction.  There was a large attendance of gentlemen connected with local shipping.

    Three iron screw steam trawlers, which in their day have helped in the rise of Milford as a fishing port, were offered under instructions from the executors of the late Mr. Frederick Joseph Sellick. The "Comus", built in 1891, 96.5 ft. length x 20.3 ft. breadth, received a commencing bid of 100, but went no further than 275, and was withdrawn.  The "Circe", built in 1892, 100.5 ft. length x 20.4 ft. breadth, was started at 300, rising to 500, and then withdrawn.  The "Blue Jacket", built 1896, 101.0 ft. x 20.5 ft., was also started at 300, and looked like changing hands, but the reserve was not reached and she was withdrawn at 620. 

    The steam trawler "Rosslyn Castle" was next on offer.  She is owned by Messrs. William Jenkins, R. D. James, Ford, Mathias and I. Jenkins, and was built in 1897, tonnage 184, length 112 ft., beam 21 ft.  Only one bid of 150 was forthcoming, and the vessel was withdrawn.



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