Official No:    104116  Port Number and Year:  3rd in Milford, 1894

                                                                                 3rd in Swansea, 1900 (SA3)

                                                                                   -    in Glasgow, 1907 (GW15)

Description:  Steel side / beam trawler; steam screw; coal burner. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail, mizzen. 

Crew: 9 men (1895)

Registered at Milford: 15 Oct 1895.

Built: T. R. Oswald, Castle Steel Works, Milford, 1895.  (Yard no. 268)

Tonnage: 152.33 gross 63.37 net 

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  107.6 / 21.1 / 10.1

Engine: 45½ rhp, by Ross & Duncan, Glasgow.



15 Oct 1895:  Thomas Ridley Oswald, Castle Hall, Castle Pill, Milford.

Managing owner.


As SA3

23 Mar 1899: Swansea Steam Trawling Pure Ice & Cold Storage Co., Cambrian Chambers, Swansea.

Manager: Thomas R. Oswald, Castle Hall, Castle Pill, Milford.


10 Feb 1906: Percy Molyneaux, Swansea.


21 Feb 1906: Swansea Fishing & Ice Co Ltd., Swansea.


Dec 1906: Glasgow Steam Trawling Co Ltd, Glasgow.

Manager: Henry L. Menzies.

24 Dec 1906: Swansea registry closed.



17 Jan 1907: H. Alexander & C. F. Paton, Glasgow.


[ According to Olsen's 1908, but see also "Cambrian" article below. ]

Landed at Milford: 15 Oct 1894 - 4 Apr 1901


James Kilby cert 1427, age 33, born Hull; residing Great North Rd., Milford; signed on 17 Nov 1895; 15 Jan, 1 Jul, 3 Aug 1896

William Davies 01411, - , - ; 9 Jul 1896

David Pettit 6943, 32, Essex; 43 Priory Rd., Milford; 1 Jan, 7 Jul 1898

W. Blackie 18090, 31, Brixham; 15 Dec 1898

William Spurgeon 3703, 38, Grimsby; 4 Gwili Rd., Hakin; 8 Jan 1900

Charles Reed 5314, 28, Stratford; St. Ann's Rd., Hakin; 20 Jan, 20 Jul 1900

George C. Nichols 5538, 39, Stamford; 4 Aug 1900

John Gale 1771, 40, Hull; 4 Dec 1900

Robert Hastings 5529, 34, London; 29 Dec 1900.


23 May 1908: Foundered approx 20 miles south of Noss Head LH, Wick, Caithness, after springing a leak in the engine room while outward bound for the fishing grounds. Sank within one hour, Skipper Thomas Jardine and seven crewmen took to small boat and were rescued by MARCONI H777. Crew landed at Peterhead.

[ Information kindly supplied by Granton Trawlers website. ]

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 23 Mar 1900.  Vessel transferred to the port of Swansea.

 Accidents and Incidents:

Log book entries:



Dublin.  Small dent in port bow.

Having to put into Dublin through heavy weather, we collided with the quay, owing to very strong fresh wind and ebb tide catching us on the bow, and not having sufficient room to manoeuvre on account of shipping.  I did not find it out until after we had left Dublin.

    James Kilby (Skipper)



5 miles S of Bishops Light.

George Waring, Third Hand, from London, broke his leg by the trawler shipping a sea.  His leg was caught by a fishboard that had washed adrift.

    James Kilby (Skipper)


Declaration respecting Ship's Log Book

I, James Kilby of Milford Haven, of the steam trawler "Sea Mew" of this port, hereby solemnly swear that in consequence of having to proceed to Cardiff to consult a physician respecting my health, where I had to remain a week; on my return I was obliged to proceed direct to sea.  I neglected to deliver up my log book at the Board of Trade Offices at the proper time,

(Sgn.) James Kilby.

Taken this 8th Day of February 1896, before me, J. L. Llewellyn Davies, on of Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace.

Respectfully transmitted, J. Piete, Merchant Marine Offices, Milford Haven.  Deputy Supt. 19th February 1896.



Outside the Docks entrance between the buoys.

Collision with the steam trawler "Doris" striking "Sea Mew" on port bow.  "Doris" never offered to clear us after my blowing ship's whistle.

    G. C. Nichols (Skipper)



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 1st April 1896:


A SAD HOME-COMING.― Mr James Ryan, engineer of the steam trawler "Seamew", had bad news awaiting him on his arrival in port on Tuesday. During his absence (a little over a week), his young wife was taken ill and died, and his brother had lost his right hand.  The latter was a coal trimmer on board the steam trawler "Auricula", and whilst engaged at his work fell under the crank shaft of the engine, injuring his right wrist so severely as to necessitate the amputation of the hand.



From The Cambrian of Friday 8th September 1899:






            The share capital of the Swansea Company will be £35,000, divided into 35,000 shares of £ 1 each. The directors are gentlemen well known throughout South Wales and the North of England; they have had valuable experience in this particular trade, and may be relied upon to do what is best. The managing director will be Mr. P. Molyneux, of Swansea and Milford Haven; chairman, Mr. T. C. Eley, High-street, Swansea, (director of the Swansea Hide and Skin Co., Ltd., and president of the Swansea Butchers' and Cattle Dealers' Association), and the other directors are Mr. Edward Harris, Swansea, Morriston and Port Talbot, and Mr. T. R. Oswald, Castle Hall, Milford Haven, steam trawler owner. We understand that Mr. Oswald will join the board after allotment. The Company have arranged to acquire from Mr. Oswald the "Sea Mew", "Sea Lark," and "Sea Hawk," which are well-equipped modern steam trawlers of the largest type, specially constructed of steel, and of the highest class at Lloyd's.



From The Cambrian of Friday 1st February 1907:



    The iron trawler Viola, 150 tons gross, built at Beverley in 1894, dimensions 101ft. 4in. by 20ft. 5in. by 11ft. 10in., and owned by Mr. F. C. Bevan, Swansea, has been sold for about £1,750.

    The steel trawler Seamew, built at Milford Haven in 1895, 107½ft. long, and owned by the Swansea Fishing and Ice Co.. Ltd., has been sold to Mr. C. F. Paton, Glasgow, and re-named Marguerite.



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