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Official No:   181588   Port Number and Year:  10th in Milford, 1948

                                                                                     -   in Lowestoft, 1952 (LT303)

Description: Wooden side trawler, carvel built; diesel motor vessel; cruiser stern. Ketch rigged: mizzen.

Crew: 9 men

Registered in Milford: 9 Dec 1948

Built: by F. Curtis & Co., Par, Cornwall, in 1945, as MFV.1532.

Tonnage: 122.88 gross  43.02 net (13 Oct 1949: Tonnage amended, as 116.339 grt 41.76 net.)

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  88 (93.7 oa) / 22.5 / 10.0

Engine: One reciprocating vertical direct acting diesel; two single acting. 4 Cyl; 300 bhp; 8 kts.

1962:  6 Cyl Ruston & Hornsby diesel engine fitted.




4 Mar 1945: British Channel Island Shipping Co., Guernsey.

(To provide the cargo service from Guernsey to Alderney and Sark. No fishing PRN.)


28 Apr 1947: Island Shipping Co., Guernsey.

15 Jun 1947: HERM COAST  (No fishing PRN.)



9 Dec 1948: Tilbrook Trawlers Ltd., Docks, Milford.

Manager: Count Ervin Richard Lucas Lessner.



28 Apr 1952: Huxley Fishing Co. Ltd., 8 Waveney Rd., Lowestoft.

Manager: Gordon David Claridge, Wheathamptstead, Hertfordshire.



1953: Colne Fishing Co. Ltd., 8 Waveney Rd., Lowestoft


1966: Amalgamated Fisheries Co. (Pty), Cape Town, South Africa


1967: Golden Harvest Trawling Co. (Pty), Cape Town, South Africa.


Landed at Milford:  26 Jan 1949 - 16 Jan 1952.

Skippers: Frank Rowlands (1952); Albert Shearing (1952)


Built for the Admiralty and designated MFV.1532, but completed as mercantile HERM COAST in 1945.

5 Jun 1948: In collision with ROBINA in the Le Gouley Passage outside Creux Harbour, and sank in the harbour; repaired by Camper & Nicholson, Southampton, and sold to Tilbrook Trawlers.

16 Oct 1968: Went ashore 3 miles south of Richards Bay. Total loss.

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Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 28 Apr 1952.

 Accidents and Incidents

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 3rd June 1949:


    On Saturday morning last, the Milford Sea Monarch, in dock at the Fisheries wharf, was found to be leaking.  Milford's Fire brigade was called, and spent two hours pumping water out of the engine room and after cabin.  Sailing of the trawler, due on Saturday morning, was delayed until Monday.



The Times, Wednesday, Jan 09, 1952; pg. 6; Issue 52204; col D




The Milford steam trawler Sea Monarch put into Rosslare yesterday to land her captain, who had been taken ill while the vessel was off the Wexford coast.  The captain, Mr. Frank Rowland, age 56, of Milford Haven, was taken by ambulance to hospital, where he died.



From The Irish Times of Wednesday 9th January 1952, p. 1:


Trawler skipper died in hospital

    Mr. Frank Rowland, of Albion street, Milford Haven, skipper of the trawler Sea Monarch (116 tons), died last night in Wexford County Hospital, after he had been taken seriously ill while the vessel was off the Wexford coast.

    The Sea Monarch hurried through heavy seas in a south-westerly gale yesterday to land him at Rosslare, where he was taken by ambulance to hospital.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 11th January 1952:


    Skipper Albert Shearing left Milford on Wednesday for Ireland to take command of the trawler Sea Hunter, whose skipper, Mr. F. C. Rowlands, passed away in hospital the previous day.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 11th January 1952:


    The fleet of trawlers owned by Messrs. Tilbrook Trawlers Limited and A. J. Tilbrook have suspended operations, and we understand their management has now been taken over by Messrs. Peter Hancock and Sons, Limited. 

    The vessels concerned are the steam trawlers Sea Hunter and Dagon, and the two diesel engined trawlers Sea Lord and Sea Monarch.  Upon enquiry the Managing Director, Mr. R. L. Hancock, stated that he could give no further information.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 18th January 1952:




    After two years as "runners-up", Skipper Albert Saunders and the "Milford Duke" are once again in top place in the Milford fishing "league".  In 1951 Skipper Saunders caught a greater value of fish than any other individual trawler captain in the port.

    Second in the league on last year's results is Skipper W. Burgoyne, who has moved up a place, closely followed by Skipper Steve Pembroke, who was sixth in the list of 1949 catches.  "Crack" Skipper for 1948 and 1949, Skipper Tom Donovan, D.S.C., is a close fifth in results while consistent Skipper James Jobson again occupies fourth position.

    Here are the leading positions, the ships being classed according to size.



        Skipper Jack Chenery has again left all rivals tossing in his wake and has truly earned the title of drifter "King" for the second year running.  Another feature is that trawler owner Mr. Fred Ingram takes first and second place in fishing.  For years he has been collecting other prize cards for chrysanthemums.

1.  Latania (Jack Chenery), Mr. Fred Ingram.

2.  Lord Suffolk (Tom Long), Mr. Fred Ingram.

3.  Sea Monarch (late Skipper Frank Rowlands), Tilbrook.

4.  Furze (C. Wilson); 5, Mill O' Buckie (Gordon Ashby); 6, Lord Anson (?); 7, Paramount (?); 8, Jacklyn (?); 9, Allochy (?)




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