SEDOCK SN12 / M173

Official No: 144386  Port Number and Year:   -    in London, 1920 (LO323)

                                                                            38th in Grimsby, 1921 (GY1332)

                                                                            56th in Hull, 1929  (H133 )

                                                                              3rd in North Shields, 1934 (SN12)

                                                                           31st in Grimsby, 1945 (GY123)

                                                                             8th in Milford, 1951

                                                                                -  in Aberdeen, 1951 (A692)

Description: Strath Class steel side drifter trawler; steam screw, coal burning.

Crew: 9 men (1921-29); 10 men (1951).

Registered at Milford: 14 Aug 1951

Built: 1920, by Rennie Forrest, Wivenhoe. (Yard no. 1330)

Tonnage: 202.47 grt  88 net (1920) 76.75 net (By 1922)

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 115.4 / 22.1 / 12.1

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 75 nhp. (430 IHP) 10 kts.  Engine by A.G. Mumford, Colchester; boiler by  Riley Bros, Stockton on Tees




17 Feb 1920: The Secretary of the Admiralty, Whitehall, London S.W.1


2 Dec 1921: Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co. (Grimsby) Ltd., Fish Docks, Grimsby.

12 Dec 1921: As GY1332

Feb 1922: YOLANDA GY1332.

Sep 1927: Consolidated Fisheries Ltd., Grimsby

Manager: Sir John D. Marsden.  (Same address.)



22 Nov 1929: Ocean Steam Fishing Co. Ltd., St. Andrews Dock, Hull.

Manager: George Altoft. (Same address.)



26 Feb 1934: Shields Engineering and Dry Dock Co. Ltd., Bell St., North Shields.

Manager: Thomas S. Read, 28 Grosvenor Place, North Shields.

6 Jul 1935: As SEDOCK SN12.


Feb 1940: Harry J. Richards, Milford.


1941: Parkholme Trawlers Ltd., Fleetwood.

Manager:  Basil A. Parkes, Cleveleys.


Feb 1945: Derwent Trawling Ltd., Grimsby.

Managers: Grimsby Industries (Trawler Managers) Ltd.

Oct 1945: As GY123



14 Aug 1951: John Charles Llewellin (Trawlers) Ltd., The Docks, Milford.

Manager: John C. Llewellin.


30 Aug 1951: North Eastern Trawlers Ltd., Broughton House, 6-8 Sackville St., London W1.

Manager: John C. Llewellin.


As A692

14 Nov 1951: Derry Trawling Co. Ltd., 208 Market St., Aberdeen.

Manager: David Wood.

Dec 1951: STRATHGAIRN A692


Feb 1953: Bruce’s Stores (Aberdeen) Ltd., Aberdeen.


Landed at Milford:  SEDOCK SN12  2 Apr 1941 - 6 Mar 1942.

SEDOCK GY123: 13 Aug 1951. [ No landings at Milford as M173. ]



Patrick Devine (a.k.a. Divine), born Kildare, age 20; O.S.; HMS ROYAL SOVEREIGN, at Trafalgar.

Yolanda is a female name of Greek origin, meaning "violet".

Sedock is made of  "Shields Engineering DOCK"

Dec 1919: Launched for the Admiralty (No.4496) as PATRICK DEVINE, and completed as a fishing vessel.

1921: Sold to mercantile and renamed YOLANDA.

17 Feb 1934: Hull registry closed.

Nov 1939: Requisitioned for war service and designated for minesweeping duties.

Feb 1940: Returned to owners.

Jul 1959: Broken up in Bruges.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 14 Nov 1951.

Accidents and Incidents:

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 17th August 1951:


    J.C. Llewellin (Trawlers) Ltd. announced this week that they will shortly be sending two more pairs to join the River Spey and Shielburn, and the Lord Cecil and Lord Northcliffe, on the western fishing grounds.

    The trawler Sedock, which fished out of Milford with the Pair Company during the war, has been purchased, and another trawler is to be matched with her.  On Wednesday two more trawlers bought by the firm, and which they intend to pair up, left Ymuiden (Holland), and they should arrive in Milford on Monday.



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