Official No:  121604    Port Number and Year: 9th in Milford, 1905

                                                                                   -  in Ostende, 1912 (O.142)

                                                                                   -  in Aberdeen, c.1914 (A526)

                                                                                   -  in Fleetwood, 1920 (FD366)

                                                                                   -  in Dublin, 1923 (D215)

Description: Steel side / beam trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail and mizzen.

Crew:  9 men (1905); 12 men (1915).

Registered at Milford: 10 Oct 1905

Built: 1905, by Smith's Docks Co., North Shields. (Yard no. 781)

Tonnage: 205.53 grt  57.15 net  (1914: 81 net.)

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 117.5 / 21.6 / 11.5

Engine: T 3-cyl. 54 nhp.; by W.V.V. Lidgerwood, Coatbridge, Glasgow.




10 Oct 1905: The Milford Haven Steam Trawling Co., 10 Gordon Rd., Cardiff.

Manager: George Sheard, Docks, Milford


As NIXE O.142

16 Mar 1912: Aspeslagh & Zonnekeyn, Minque 21, Ostend

Manager: Henry P. Aspeslagh



21 Oct 1915:  Patrick Fannon & John Ellis, Aberdeen. 


25 Feb 1916: Armitage's Steam Trawling Co. Ltd., Hull

Manager: George T. Armitage, 128 North Boulevard, Hull.



20 Jan 1920: Thomas H. Smith, Fleetwood.


11 Feb 1920: John Gallen, Donegal, Co. Donegal. 


12 Apr 1920: Irish Steam Trawling Co., Killybegs, Co. Donegal

Manager: William J. Molloy, Killybegs.


24 Oct 1921: William McCabe, 26 Rathgar Rd., Dublin.

Managing owner.

4 May 1923: As MANNOFIELD D215


1924: Trawlers (Ireland) Ltd., 8 Westmorland St., Dublin

Manager: Capt. Patrick Fannon, 20 Templemore Ave., Rathgar. Dublin


1926: Dublin Trawling Ice & Cold Storage Co., 8 Cardiff Lane, Dublin

Manager: Capt. Patrick Fannon. (Same address.)


Landed at Milford:  19 Oct 1905 - 2 Mar 1912


J. Kilby cert. 1427; age 43, born Hull; residing Priory Rd., Milford; signed on 4 Oct 1905; 4 Jan, 20 Aug 1906; 11 Jan 1907

T. Rowland 4144, 40, Plymouth; 26 Feb 1907

C. Masterson 5740, 29, Salisbury; Dartmouth St., Milford; 30 Apr, 16 Jul 1907

Robert Hooper 7764, 24, Hull; 75 Robert St., Milford; 14 Jan 1908

Thomas W. Leggett 7028, 34, Gorleston; 15 Jan 1908

William Jones 6707, 33, Peterborough; 5 Mar 1908; 21 Sep 1910

George Bird 4628, 39, Ingham; Dewsland St., Milford; 13 Jun, 3 Jul 1908

George Thomas 7680, 32, Rutland; 12 Gracechurch Tce., Pill, Milford;  24 Nov 1908; 5 Jan, 1 Jul 1909

A. Edwards 8365, 41, Marloes; 9 Jun 1909

Charles I. Wildridge 1847, 44, Hull; 16 Dartmouth Gardens, Milford; 27 Sep 1909; 7 Jan 1910

George Medway 6777, 29, Brixham; 25 Feb 1910

C. W. Freer 531; 46, Peterborough; 6 May 1910

H. Rostrum 5429, 39, Manchester; 27 Jul 1910

F. C. Griffiths 8975, 26, Pembroke Dock; 29 Gwili Rd., Hakin; 19 Nov 1910; 5 Jan, 5 Jul 1911

Henry James 5906, 45, Brixham; 27 Dec 1910

W. Corbett 8156, 27, Cardiff; 4 Feb 1911

J. Collins 8407, 33, Baltimore; 15 Feb 1911

Walter Smith 7150, 39, Nottingham; 15 Mar, 6 Jul 1911; 10 Jan 1912



St. Bride is an Irish saint, also named St. Bridget; St. Brides is a small village in Pembrokeshire, in the south of St. Brides Bay.


in Germanic mythology, a water sprite; frequently half human and half fish.

Mannofield is in the west of Aberdeen, Scotland.

18 Mar 1912:  Arrived Ostend in company with NAIADE (O-144), ex ST.CLEAR (M205).  To be used for fishing off Iceland, Morocco and African coast.

2 Mar 1917:  At Fleetwood. Fitted with H.A. Mk IV gun;  complement increased by two gunners. 

29 May 1917: Requisitioned for Fishery Reserve.

1919: Returned to owner.

1938: Broken up.

[Thanks to Maurice Voss for the Ostende owners, Gil Mayes for dates and owners from 1915-27, and David Slinger for her Dublin PRN .]

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 16 Mar 1912.  Vessel sold to Belgian owner.

 Accidents and Incidents

Log book entries:



On Saturday morning, the 18th, Uist, at 1 a.m., the tide being flood, the weather thick rain and heavy wind, SW, blowing a heavy gale with heavy seas from SW, the ship was lying alongside of the quay ready for sea and owing to the boisterous weather was prevented from proceeding.  At about 1.30 p.m., the ship started to labour heavy, and bumped against the quay wall, bulging in about 25 feet of plating from the main mast aft along the water line, also about 12 feet on the port quarter above the water line.  There was also one trawl net washed away together with four cuts of new ropes, 50 fathom of wire rope and all the fenders, which were used in an endeavour to save the ship, were also carried away.

    J. Kilby (Skipper)

    Thomas Mansell (Second Hand)



250 miles W by S of St Ann's Head.

H. Noble, age 25, Second Engineer; English, born London, residing Milford.

Inflammation of brain.

    William Jones (Skipper)



250 miles W 1 S from St Ann's Head

Damaged and also bow-plates.  While heaving up our trawling gear the steam trawler Albatross of Plymouth stowed into us striking our vessel on port side of stern.

    C. I. Wildridge (Skipper)

    R. Hooper (Second Hand 8686)

[ See newspaper reports below. ]



12 miles off Ballycotton Light

Collided with the steam trawler 'Charmouth' approaching 'St Clear' to get some engine oil.

    H. Rostron (Skipper)

    Frederick Cornish (Second Hand)




120 miles W by N Smalls Light.

Boat stove in, side lantern (port) swept away, sundry damage.  Cause - heavy sea.

    W. E. J.  Smith (Skipper)



Rudder head carried away.  Cause - unknown.  65 miles W by N of Fastnet.

    W. Smith (Skipper)



While fishing off the west coast of Ireland, the Second Engineer reported the injury to his back.  Cause - he slipped on stokehold plates.

    W. E. Smith (Skipper)

    G. Mills (Second Hand 6166)


From the Milford Haven Weekly News & County Times of Thursday 10th May 1906:


    Last Saturday at the Dungarvan, Ireland, Petty Sessions, Captain Kilby of the steam trawler "St.Bride", Milford Haven, and Captain T. Hooper, of the steam trawler "Pride of the Humber", Cardiff, were fined £100 each for illegal trawling within the proscribed limits of Dungarvan Bay.

    Captain Kilby, we understand, has lodged an appeal against the sitting magistrate's decision.



From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 19th November 1909:



On Wednesday last the S.T. St. Bride, owned by the Milford Haven Steam Trawling Co., came into port with her stem badly damaged. The skipper reported that his vessel collided with the S.T. Albatross of Plymouth, and she also was damaged in the stem. Fortunately the damage did not render either ship to be unsafe and they both steamed to their respective ports to be repaired.


From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 10th December 1909:



Serious Accident to a Workman.—On Monday afternoon a very serious accident befell Mr. R. Burder, a boiler maker, employed on the steam trawler "St. Bride." It will be remembered that the "St. Bride" damaged her stem in a collision at sea recently. While a large heavy iron plate was being swung into its place it suddenly surged and struck Burder on the left leg causing a compound fracture and lacerating the calf of the leg very much. The unfortunate man was immediately carried to Dr. Griffith's surgery on the Dock ambulance to insert 16 stitches in the leg. He was afterwards removed to his home in Roberts Street, where he lies at present. 



From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 5th August 1910:




 On Thursday last the steam trawler "St. Bride" landed about forty boxes of large plaice which realised from £2 12s. to £3 12s. per box. The "St. Bride" is owned by the Milford Haven Steam Trawling Co. Ltd. On Saturday the steam drifter "Chanticleer" landed a large catch of herrings, but unfortunately there was not a very good demand, and the price given was very low, namely 3s. 6d. per kit.



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