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Official No:  124743      Port and Year:  Hull, 1907 (H933)                                                                

Description: Steel side trawler; coal fired, steam screw.  Ketch rigged.  Wheelhouse aft.

Crew: 10 men (1907).

Built: by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Beverley, in 1907 (Yard no. 133)

Tonnage:   186 grt 67 net (1907);  73 net (1 Jan 1914).

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 110.5 / 21.6 / 11.7                                                         

Engine: T.3-Cyl; 50 rhp; by Amos & Smith Co., Hull.



18 Feb 1907: Hull Steam Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd, Hull.

Manager: Joseph Vivian, St. Andrew's Dock, Hull. (1907-28)

                  Robert Burton, St. Andrew's Dock, Hull. (1928-32)

                  Charles H. Emerson, St. Andrew's Dock, Hull. (1932-36)


4 Dec 1936: Colin H. Brand & Co., Docks, Milford.

Managing owner.


1937: Robert P. Lewis, 'Park House', Fishguard.

Manager: William Wilcox, Greville Rd., Milford.


1945: Messrs. James Ritchie & William T. Davies Ltd., Docks, Milford.

Managing owners.


Landed at Milford:

29 Nov 1936 - 5 Nov 1939; 1 Jan 1940 - 24 Nov 1941; 14 Feb 1942 - 20 Nov 1944; 13 Feb 1945 - 8 Mar 1946; 6 Aug 1946 - 30 Jul 1949; 23 Aug 1950 - 29 May 1951.

Skippers: E. Satchell (1950)


St. Vincent is the patron saint of Lisbon and Valencia, martyred under the Emperor Diocletian around the year 304.

Oct 1914: Requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to a minesweeper ( 1x12pdr.

Feb 1915: As ST. VINCENT II

1916: Returned to owners and reverted to former name.

1951: Broken up at Ward's Yard, Castle Pill.

Accidents and Incidents

From an unknown local newspaper of c.10th August 1939:


    Fishing off the Smalls a fortnight ago, the trawler "St. Vincent" netted a huge shark, which was lowered back into the water full of fight.  The big fish was observed swimming off with its dorsal fin clear of the eddies.  It is estimated that the creature weighed nearly a ton, and s described as one of the largest ever seen by the crew of a trawler. 

    People in the know are wondering if this shark was the same one which came to the end of Dale. Sharks are rarely seen near the Pembrokeshire beaches, and none have ever been recorded in Freshwater Bay, Angle Bay or even close to the shore at Tenby.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 11th August 1950:


    The number of ships held up in the docks has dwindled from the 32 of recent weeks to 18, and two of these, the Paramount and Caswell, are expected to return to sea this weekend.  The St. Vincent, which has been laid up for many months, leaves on Saturday in charge of Skipper E. Satchell.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 25th April 1952:


    The trawler Norrard, one of the smaller vessels belonging to Messrs. Goodleigh Fisheries, has this week gone to the breakers' yard at Pill Point, bringing the total of trawlers scrapped during the past year to eight.

    She was preceded by the Phoebe, Ellesmere, Tresco, Lavenham, Framlingham, St.Vincent and Ocean Shield.  All these vessels were seaworthy but had become uneconomical to run.



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