After conversion to diesel.

Thanks to Jim Porter and the Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust.

Official No:  137617    Port Number and Year:   Yarmouth, 1920 (YH214)

                                                                                  Boulogne, 1922 (B.?)

                                                                                  San Sebastian, 1922.

                                                                                  Lowestoft, 1930 (LT112)

Description: Admiralty Steel Drifter , steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged.

Crew: 9 men (1930).

Built: 1919, by Alexander Hall & Co., Aberdeen.  (Yard no. 573)

Tonnage: 95 grt  41 net (1922: 107 grt., 1930: 98 grt.)

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 86.2 (93.25 oa)  / 18.5  / 9.25

Engine: TE 270 ihp = 9 kts.

1953: At L.B.S. Engineering Co Ltd, Lowestoft, fitted with 300bhp 4 stroke 3-cyl diesel by W. H. Podd Ltd, Lowestoft.



1919: Sold by the Admiralty as WATERFALL.



10 Nov 1919: Edward A. Baker, 'Shadingfield Lodge', Marine Parade South, Great Yarmouth.

Managing owner.


As NI TU B.?

3 Jan 1922: E. A. Maxteo, Boulogne sur Mer.



3 Jan 1922: A. Alvargonzales, Gijon. (Pareja trawling; registered at San Sebastian.)


Dec 1929: Fred Parkes, Blackpool.

Jan 1930: William Barnard, 196 Denmark Rd., Lowestoft.

Managing owner.

11 Jan 1930: As HOMOCEA LT112


22 Jun 1944: Mrs. E. A. Barnard, Lowestoft

Manager: Stephen Smith.


16 Jul 1952: Putford Enterprises, Paignton.

Manager: John R. Hashim, Walberswick.

17 Mar 1953: As STRENUOUS LT112


7 Jul 1961: W.H. Kerr, Chandlers, Milford.

Managing owner.

[Information kindly supplied by the Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust.]

Landed at Milford: 7 Jul 1961 - 23 Jan 1962; 23 Jul 1963.

Skippers: Steve Pembroke.


Homocea was a quack remedy for piles, cuts and bruises; as a soap, "very soothing and softening". ["The Quack Doctor" website. ]

16 Sep 1919: Delivered to the Admiralty as WATERFALL (, and sold to mercantile.

1940-45: Requisitioned by the Admiralty as a minesweeper; later for harbour service. (P.No. FY.1782)

5 Aug 1957: Crew of 4 aboard the sinking Belgian trawler MARCEL jumped aboard the STRENUOUS, 25 miles N.E. by E. of Smith's Knoll Light Vessel.  They were later transferred to the Belgium trawler PATRIE (sic - see below). [The Times, Wednesday 7th August 1957.]

(Additional information from Maurice Voss via Gil Mayes:

  • MARCEL Z 330; wooden vessel owned by M. Calus and R. Blommaert, from Heist, skipper A. Ackaert;

  • PATRICK Z 149; owner L. Depaepe, from Heist. Arrived Zeebruge in the evening of 6th August.)

1963: Broken up by Thos. W. Ward, Castle Pill, Milford.


Accidents and Incidents

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 30th June 1961:


    The diesel drifter trawler Strenuous has joined Messrs. Kerr's fleet from Lowestoft, and sailed on Tuesday in charge of Skipper Steve Pembroke, with Mr. J. F. Finn as his mate.



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