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Official No:  139345    Port Number and Year:   Lowestoft, 1919 (LT588)

                                                                                 Aberdeen, 1919 (A219)

Description: Strath Class steel side trawler, steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged.

Crew: 11

Built: 1919 by Hall, Russell & Co., Aberdeen.  (Yard no. 657)

Tonnage: 202 grt  88 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 115.4  / 22.1  / 12.1

Engine: T.3-cyl; 74 rhp;  by builders


22 Sep 1919: Arthur S. Bowlby, Gilston Park, Harlow, Essex.

Manager: Edward D. W. Lawford, The Docks, Milford.


As A219

19 Nov 1932: John Gore, 7 Grampian Circle, & Alexander J. Spence, Aberdeen.

Managing owner: John Gore.

1934: Gorspen Steam Trawling Co. Ltd., 1 Bon Accord Sq., Aberdeen

Managing owner: Alexander J. Spence, 159 Balgnagask Rd., Aberdeen. (1934-36)

Manager: Benjamin Allenby, Commercial Quay, Aberdeen. (1936-37)


1937: Alexander A. Davidson, Commercial Quay, Aberdeen.


1941: T. W. A. Davidson, Aberdeen.

Manager: A. A. Davidson.


1945: The Looker Fishing Company Ltd., Commercial Quay, Aberdeen.
Manager: Alexander Aitken Davidson.


Landed at Milford: 1 Mar 1920 - 28 Nov 1923; 12 Jan 1924 - 11 Mar 1930.

Skippers: Henry Lang


12 Jun 1919: Launched for the Admiralty as MICHAEL BRION but completed as a fishing vessel, sold and renamed as STURDEE.

Nov 1939: Requisitioned by the Admiralty as STURDEE and converted to an auxiliary patrol vessel.

Jan 1940: Returned to owners.

19 Oct 1955: Whilst returning from a fishing voyage of eight days, she went ashore in foggy conditions 150 yards off Aberdeen Beach, just north of the Beach Ballroom.  The Bridge of Don life-saving apparatus crew were soon on the scene, and fired a line over the trawler's deck.  Just then, however, the Aberdeen lifeboat under Coxswain George Flett arrived, and succeeded in taking off all eleven of the crew, in spite of heavy seas which made rescue difficult.  The Sturdee's catch of fish was landed next day, but the trawler herself was a total loss, and she was broken up where she lay.

     Skipper William Wilson, of Macduff, and the uncertificated mate Reuben Rae, of Aberdeen, were found to be responsible for the trawler's loss.  [The Times, Wednesday 14th March 1956.]

Accidents and Incidents

From a document in the Les Jones Archive:


Petty Sessions (Ireland Act 1851, 14 & 15 Vict.

Sessions District of Bantry - County of Cork


The Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland                                                Henry A Lang

of Upper Merrion Street in the County of the City of Dublin                                                               43, Edward Street.

                                                                                                                                                            Milford Haven, Pembroke,

                                                                                                                                                            South Wales


Complainant                                                                                                                                       Defendant


Whereas a complaint has been made to me that on the 7th day of May 1925 at the place viz. within or to the landmark of an imaginary straight line from Sheep Head and Three Castle Head in Dunmanus Bay of the sea coast of the County of Cork in said district and County you the Defendant did unlawfully and knowingly use a vessel, To Wit, a steamer named "Sturdee" No. LT.588 of which you the Defendant then was Skipper-in-Charge the method of fishing known as Otter Trawling within the prescribed area in contravention of the Bye-Law made by the Department of Agriculture and Technical  Instruction for Ireland dated the Fifth of April 1897 by virtue of the powers in them vested under the Steam Trawlers Trawling Act (Ireland) 1889 and of every other power enabling them on that behalf.

    This is to command you to appear as a Defendant on the hearing of the said Complaint at the Bantry District Court on said County Cork on Thursday the 27th day of August 1925 at 12.30 p.m. before such Justice as shall be there.




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