Official No:  128764     Port Number and Year:  1st in Milford, 1913

                                                                                    -  in Grimsby, 1919 (GY353)

                                                                                    -  in Ymuiden, 1929 (IJM48)

Description: Steel side / beam trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail, mizzen.

Crew:  9 men (1913; 1919); 10 men (1920); 11 men (1924).

Registered at Milford: 22 Jan 1913.

Built: 1913 by Smith's Dock Co., Middlesborough.  (Yard no. 540)

Tonnage: 215.08 grt  84.49 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 117.4 / 22 / 11.75

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 74 rhp.  Engine and boiler by builders.



As M161

22 Jan 1913: John Davies Harries, Hamilton Tce., Milford.                        (21/64)

Thomas Cooper, Hamilton Tce., Milford.                                                    (21/64)

Managing owner: Thomas George Hancock, 'Hill House', Hill St., Hakin.  (22/64)


22 Feb 1915: John Davies Harries, Hamilton Tce., Milford                        (21/64)

William Bowden Cooper, 1 High St., Runcorn.                                           (21/64)

Managing owner: Thomas George Hancock, 'Hill House', Hill St., Hakin.  (22/64)


17 Apr 1918: John Wintingham Smethurst (Managing owner)    )    

Henry Carl Smethurst                                                                   )  Fish Docks Rd.,

William Smethurst                                                                        )    Grimsby

William Hollingsworth Johnston                                                  )


As GY353

6 Jun 1919:  William Hollingsworth Johnston, Fish Docks, Grimsby

Managing owner.


Aug 1924: Newport Mon. Steam Trawling Co., Grimsby

Manager: William F. Goodwin.

7 Jul 1925: As LORD PALMERSTON GY353


Aug 1928: Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co., Auckland Rd., Fish Docks, Grimsby.

Manager: John D. Marsden.  (Address as above.)



Jul 1929: N.V. Visscherij Maats. "Ewald", Ymuiden.

Managers: Vereenigde Exploitatie Maats.


By 1933: N.V. Vissch. Maats. Vereenigde Steenkolenhandel  VII ("United Coal Trade"), Ymuiden.



Landed at Milford:  28 Jan 1913 - 30 May 1915


James Daniel Bryant cert. 8257, age 31, born Lowestoft; residing Gwili Rd., Hakin; signed on 11 Jan 1913.

James Stead Barker 8056

William Jones 6707


Lord Palmerston was Temple, Henry John, third Viscount Palmerston (17841865); Prime Minister (1851-58; 1859-65).   [Oxford DNB]

Jun 1915: Requisitioned by Admiralty as minesweeper TENBY (Admy. No.2579). 1x12 pdr. Fitted with hydrophones.

1919: Returned to owners.

29 Jul 1929: Hull register closed; sold to Dutch owners.

Jun 1940: Hired from Dutch owners by Admiralty as minesweeper EWALD (P. No. FY.1733). Dutch crew.

1945: Returned to owners. 

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 2 Jun 1919.  Vessel transferred to the port of Grimsby

 Accidents and Incidents

From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph, Wednesday, 15th February 1913:


    The steam trawler Tenby arrived in dock with her maiden trip of fish on Wednesday.  She was built by the order of Messrs. Hancock & Harries at the Middlesborough yard of Smith's Dock Trust, Ltd., and is the first steam trawler to be engined by the well-known firm.  The vessel is of an especially pretty design, and her lines were much admired.  Her dimensions are 117 feet by 22 feet beam, and she is fitted with the most modern appliances and gear.  The skipper is Mr. J. D. Bryant, and her first catch grossed 150.  She is a very welcome addition, not only to this firm's growing fleet, but also to the port of Milford.



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph, Wednesday, 17th March 1915:


Liverpool Steamer Torpedoed



    There was a buzz of excitement on the Docks about 1.30 on Friday afternoon when a procession of seamen walked through the Fishmarket, bearing manifest signs of having gone through "an experience." Who were they? Where had they come from? The facts were soon revealed, for the Lowestoft drifter Wenlock had just come up to the mackerel stage and landed the men, numbering 33 the crew of the steamer " Florazan," owned by Henry Fernie & Sons of Liverpool, which they reported was torpedoed by a German submarine at 9.30 on Thursday night at a point between the Smalls and the Longships about (50 miles from St. Anne's Head).   ..................


    On Friday afternoon it was reported that the Florazan was ablaze and the steam trawler Tenby" went out to see if she could do anything, and some drifters were supposed to have got her m tow on Saturday, but nothing was seen of her at Milford Haven up to Sunday.



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph, Wednesday, 7th April 1915:



    On Monday evening the steam trawler Tenby (Hancock and Harries) came up the Haven with the chief engineer, Thomas Hughes, seriously injured. The Tenby had only been at sea a short time, and the chief was engaged repairing the winch when by an accident be was caught in the machinery. After being extricated, Skipper W. Jones and the crew attended to his injuries which were found to be very severe, one of his arms, hack of the head and jaw being crushed. On arrival medical aid was sent for, and Dr Davies bad him removed to his home in Trafalgar Road. An operation was performed the same night by Dr. Davies, which took three hours to complete.



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph, Wednesday, 2nd June 1915:



    A particularly sad affair was reported last Wednesday by Capt. W. Jones, on arrival of the steam trawler Tenby (Messrs Hancock and Harries), at Berehaven, west coast of Ireland. Herbert Blake, a young deck hand, aged 21, was taken ill at sea, and apparently siezed with a fit. He was put ashore and taken to the hospital where it was found that be bad been stricken with paralytic sunstroke and he died on Thursday. His father Skipper Blake, who has recently come home from the Dardanelles, made the journey across channel and brought the remains home to Milford Haven via Fishguard on Sunday.


Courtesy of Adrian James.

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