Official No:  91392     Port and Year: 67th in Hull, 1884

Description: Wooden side trawler; single screw, coal burning.


Built: In 1884, by E. Martin, Ponsharden, Falmouth.

Tonnage: 96 grt   57 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 85.3 / 21.5 / 10.6

Engine: 20 hp 



16 Dec 1884: Joseph Potter, 11 Waverley St., Hull.

Managing owner.


1892: Frederick Lowery, 12 Westcott St., Hull.

Managing owner.


c.1893: M. J. Nutt & W.E. Allman, Hull. [Olsen's 1894; not in MNL 1895.]


Landed at Milford:  21 Mar 1889 - 17 Aug 1891

Skippers: 1889: Greenside; Reader; Atlas; Brooks

1890: Leyland; Lane; Moody

1891: Moody; Saunders; Turner; Abbey


Accidents and Incidents

Memorandum by Skipper:


On February 19th 1890 about 45 past 3 we were steaming up to Milford Haven, when we ran into a schooner without any light up. All the crew were on deck & the deckboy saw the schooner first but it was too late to avoid a collision.


28 November 1890 Milford Haven. Collided with a steam tug. The man at the helm not obeying orders.


[Supplied by Chris Petherbridge, Hull Trawlers]


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