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Official No:  128767    Port Number and Year:  1st in Milford, 1914

                                                                                   -  in Glasgow, 1921 (GW34)

                                                                                   -  in Aberdeen, 1946 (A206)                          

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail and mizzen.

Crew:  9 men (1914); 10 men (19 Nov 1919)

Registered at Milford: 28 Jan 1914

Built: 1913 by Hall, Russell & Co., Aberdeen. (Yard No. 540)

Tonnage: 224.58 grt  87.02 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 117.5 / 22.5 / 12.15

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 75.5 nhp. 10.5 kts Engine and boiler by builders.



28 Jan 1914: W. H. Podd, 9 & 10, Trawl Market, Lowestoft.

Manager: Edward Brand & Co., Docks, Milford.


As GW34

11 Nov 1921: John Stewart Boyle, "Ardgowan", Shawlands, Glasgow.

Managing owner.


1936:  John S. Boyle, 76 Clyde St., Glasgow C.1.

Manager: Mrs. Isabella S. Boyle. (Same address.)



1946: John S. Boyle,  Glasgow.


1950: George Walker, Aberdeen.


1953: Andrew W. King, 172 Market St., Aberdeen


Landed at Milford:  27 Jan 1914 - 17 Feb 1915; 10 Apr 1919 - 4 Nov 1921.

Skippers: Robert Herbert Limbrick 12597, 1914.  W.H. Blockwell, 1915


Sister ship to NOOGANA and NAIRANA.

Feb 1915: Requisitioned by Admiralty as minesweeper (Admy. No.154). 1 x 6 pdr. AA

1919: Returned to owners.

30 Sep 1959:  Broken up by Ship Breaking Industries at Charlestown, Fife, for the sum of 1850

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 6 Dec 1921.  Vessel transferred to the port of  Glasgow.

 Accidents and Incidents

From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 4th February 1914:


    Another addition has been made to the fleet of steam trawlers under the management of Messrs. Brand and Company by the arrival for Wednesday's market of the steam trawler W H Podd, owned by the gentleman of that name.  She is a sister ship to the Nairana and Noogana, and is similar in size and in most of her equipment.  Her measurements are: length 117 feet, breadth 22 feet.  The vessel had been turned out by that well-known yard of H. Russ [sic] and Company, Aberdeen.  Her maiden trip realised, from the time of leaving the dockyard to landing at Milford (12 days), 208.  Her skipper is Mr. F. Limbrick.



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 24th June 1914:



The new steam trawler Noogana, which was recently launched from the yard of Messrs Hall, Russell & Co., Aberdeen, landed her maiden cargo at the Fish Market on Wednesday. She is a fine craft and is fitted with all the latest and best machinery and trawling gear, and will be a valuable addition to Messrs Brand &: Co.'s fleet. She is of the same class as the Koorah, Narana and W. H. Podd, owned and managed by the same company. The same day the steam trawler "Numitor" of Ostend landed a cargo of fish at the Market.



From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 27th January 1915:



    On Friday the steam trawler, "W.H. Podd" (Brand & Co.) arrived back from sea in tow of another trawler, and as her flag was flying it was feared something serious had happened. It appears that whilst about 30 miles off St. Anne's Head, the rudder broke down and the vessel became helpless. The skipper, W. Blockwell, hoisted a flag for assistance, and the steam trawler "Cameo" came along and towed her safely to port. The fact that the flag was still kept on the foremast gave rise to a rumour that one of the crew had been washed overboard, and this spread throughout the town rapidly. Some people seemed even eager to inform the parents of the young man. Fortunately it was not true and the mystery is how it started.



   From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 22nd May 1918:


Milford Haven Tribunal.

Men In Wholesale Fish Trade.

    Another meeting of the Milford Haven Local Tribunal was held at the Council Chamber on Wednesday evening.  ..............

    There were a large number of cases down for review, on expiration of the exemptions due to expire on the 21st inst., nearly all of these being in the wholesale fish trade. Under the latest regulations all men Grade 1 and 2 born in the year 1883 become decertified, but, apparently, power is reserved for them to again appeal for exemption. As will be seen very few came under this head.


    A. H. Ayres, 33, Grade 3, head buyer for W. H. Podd, Lowestoft, was granted four months' temporary exemption.




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