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Official No:    305276   (> A10138)   Port Number and Year: 6th in Milford, 1963

                                                                                                        -   in Aberdeen, 1967 (A832)

Description:  Steel side trawler; single screw motor vessel.

Crew: 12 men

Registered at Milford: 31 May 1963

Built: by Atlantic Shipbuilding, Newport, Mon., in 1963.  (Yard no. 89)

Tonnage: 308.38 gross 97.09 net 

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  120.9 / 26.55 / 12.15

Engine: One internal combustion vertical, oil; four single acting. 6Cyl; 875 bhp; 13 kts.  Mirrlees National, Stockport




13 May 1963:  Welsh Fisheries Ltd., 26a Hamilton Tce., Milford

Manager: Henry William Kerr, Ships' Chandler, Docks, Milford



22 Feb 1967: Craig Stores (Aberdeen) Ltd., North Esplanade, East Aberdeen.

Manager: Eric Craig, Glendee Tce., Cults, Aberdeen.


By 1979: Gallic Shipping Co. Ltd., London EC2


By 1988: Jaderow, Cmaine House, Hill St., Hakin, Milford.

[Same owners in 1991.]


Landed at Milford: 31 May 1963 - 28 Aug 1964

Skippers: Alfred Beckett; William F. Reynolds; Robert Victor Dingle.


1991: The French film director Jean Gaumy made On the Rowanlea Trawler (1992) a four minute film made aboard the then Spanish fishing trawler, a project made in parallel to a photo book created on the same subject under the title Pleine Mer,  published by Editions de La Martiniere

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 2 Mar 1967.  Vessel transferred to the port of Aberdeen.

 Accidents and Incidents:

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 31st May 1963:



    The Welsh Prince, third in the line of four diesel-engined trawlers built for Welsh Fisheries Ltd. at Newport, has joined the Milford fleet, docking on last night's tide.

    Her sister ships, the Welsh Monarch and Welsh Consort have been in service for some time at Milford and the fourth trawler, the Welsh Princess, will follow shortly.  The Prince, brought round from Newport by Skipper Tom Salter, will start her maiden voyage next week in charge of Skipper Alfred Beckett, now completing his trip in the Hector Gannet.  This latest addition to the port's catching strength will bring up to twelve vessels the modern fleet owned and managed by Messrs. W. H. Kerr and she is warmly welcomed.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 27th March 1964:


    A Milford trawler, Welsh Prince (Skipper Alfred Beckett), landed three of her crew with sickness at the port of Oban, Scotland, on Sunday.  The three members of the crew are the cook, 55 years of age, Percy Kingsley, who was detained in Oban hospital seriously ill; the bosun, Mr. Billy Edwards, Hill Street, Hakin, and deckhand F. W. Cressy, of the Mission, Charles Street.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 4th September 1964:



   Two Hake Boats are Leaving

    Mr. W. H. Kerr, President of the Milford Haven Trawler Owners' Association, confirmed this week that he has placed an order with the well-known yard of Richard Gunstons, of Hessle, Yorks, for two new drifter trawlers.


    Mr. Kerr ... also confirmed the not-so-good news that the two remaining Welsh Fisheries boats, the Welsh Prince and Welsh Princess, are expected to leave shortly for another port.

    Four hake class trawlers were built by Welsh Fisheries at Newport and two of them, the Welsh Consort and Welsh Monarch, left Milford for Fleetwood at the turn of the year.


    The Welsh Prince grossed 2,038 for 15 days, compared with 3,400 by the Monarch for 13 days and 2,700 by the Consort for ten days out of Fleetwood last week.

    It is expected that the Prince and Princess will either go to Fleetwood where their sister ships are managed by the Boston Company, or to Aberdeen.




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