Official No:  99080     Port and Year: London, 1892

Description: Iron side  trawler; single screw; coal fired.


Built: 1892, by T. R. Oswald & Co., Castle Pill, Milford.  (Yard No. 263)

Tonnage:145 grt  50 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): - / - / -

Engine:  43 hp.



Jun 1892: C. E. Newbon & R.S. Brocklebank.


c.1893: R. S. Brocklebank & W. Norwood.


[No further information on owners or fate.]


Landed at Milford: 4 Jun 1892 - 28 Dec 1894

Skippers: 1892: Chamberlain.

1893: Chamberlain; Horth.

(Chief Engineer: George Walker)


15 Feb 1899:

Accidents and Incidents 

From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 15th June 1892: 


    On Thursday last, the 9th instant, the trial trip of the new steam trawler "Westward Ho", built by Messrs T. R. Oswald & Co., Limited, of this port, took place in the Haven.  Mr. Arthur Oswald, and Messrs Newbon & Brocklebank, the owners, were on board, with a party of friends.  She made two runs, down and up the Haven, in both of which her speed proved satisfactory, and then proceeded to sea for a trip around the islands.  Captain Chamberlain will have charge of her, and Mr. George Walker will be chief engineer.  The general opinion seems to be that she is one of the best steam trawlers that have entered this port.  During her passage home Messrs Newbon & Brocklebank presented to Captain Chamberlain a handsome gold keyless watch in recognition of his services while in command of their steam trawler "Commodore".



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