Granton trawlers ROSE GN24 and WILLIAM CALDWELL GN56

With thanks and acknowledgements to Shetland Museum and Archives


Official No:  143882   Port and Year: London, 1919 (LO374)

                                                               Granton, 1948 (GN56)

                                                               Glasgow, 1955 (GW17)

Description: Castle Class steel side trawler; single screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged.

Crew:  10 men (1920)

Built: 1918,  Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Beverley.  (Yard no. 395)

Tonnage:  290 grt  127 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 125.5 / 23.5 / 12.7

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 86 rhp; by Amos & Smith, Hull.




1919: The Admiralty, London.

Manager: The Secretary of the Admiralty, Whitehall, London SW1.


11 May 1920: Edward Brand & John Henry Dove, The Docks, Milford.

Managing owners.

19 Jun 1920: As LO374


19 Mar 1923: John Henry Dove, Charles St., Milford.

Managing owner. 


1935: Mrs. Gertrude E. Dove, 147 Charles St., Milford.

Managing owner. 


1937: Pembroke Hake Fishing Co. Ltd., The Docks, Milford

Manager: Reginald L. Hancock, 'Beachways', Picton Rd., Hakin, Milford.

                  E. V. Pennington. (1938).


15 Sep 1939: Boston Deep Sea Fishing & Ice Co. Ltd., 238 Dock St., Fleetwood.

Manager: Basil A. Parkes, 'Parkroyd', Links Gate,  Thornton-le-Fylde, Lancs.


Dec 1946: Inch Fishing Co. Ltd., Edinburgh.

1948: As GN56.


1949: Clyde Fishing Co. Ltd., Edinburgh

Managers: John S. Boyle Ltd, Glasgow.


As GW17

1955: Inch Fishing Co. Ltd., Granton.

Manager: Alexander A. Stuart, Glasgow.


Landed at Milford: 1 Jun 1920 - 3 Sep 1939.

Skippers: Francis Folland (1922-23); William McLean (1925); Horace F. Setterfield (1927); William Hawkins.


William Caldwell, age 29, born Plymouth; AB, HMS VICTORY, at Trafalgar.
16 Nov 1918: Completed for the Admiralty (no. 3719) as WILLIAM CALDWELL. 

1 x 12pdr.

28 May 1919: On temporary loan to USN (North Sea Minesweeping Detachment).

6 Oct 1919: Returned to Admiralty. For sale to mercantile.

Jan 1940: Purchased by the Admiralty and converted to a boom defence vessel.

(P.No. Z.142). 

1944: Based at Fort William.

Dec 1946: Sold to mercantile.

Jul 1957: Broken up at Granton

[Information supplied by Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust and the Bosun's Watch website.]


Accidents and Incidents

From an unknown local newspaper from the week beginning 11th May 1930:


    Three Milford trawlers were concerned in an exciting case of salvage off the Smalls on Sunday last.  A steam hopper and tender was towing a big dredger from the port of Southampton to the Isle of Man and encountered bad weather in the Channel.  In a strong wind, the towing warps parted and got entangled in the hopper's propeller and rendered the craft helpless.  She was now being driven alongside the dredger, and the two vessels were badly damaged through the bumping caused by the roll of the sea.  The Milford trawler "Ardent" (Pater Steam Trawling Company) came alongside and rendered assistance. She was followed by the steam trawler "E & F" (David Pettit, Limited), and the steam trawler "William Caldwell" (Mr. John Henry Dove).  The "William Caldwell" took hold of the hopper and towed her to Milford, and arrived that afternoon, whilst the other two trawlers held on to the dredger, and they arrived in the Haven about 5.30 p.m. that day  Both vessels were damaged and are now in Milford Docks undergoing repairs. 



From an unknown local newspaper of c. 14th September 1939:


    It came as a surprise at Milford that negotiations were proceeding for the sale of two more Milford trawlers.  At the present time, trawlers are being taken by the Government, but Messrs. Parkes of Fleetwood, keen as ever for Milford trawlers, visited the port during the weekend, and we understand that the steam trawlers "Thomas Hankins" and "William Caldwell", belonging to the Pembrokeshire Hake Company, have changed hands.     They formerly belonged to the Brand and Curzon fleet, like so many of the other Castle trawlers.



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