Castle Pill from near Blackbridge, 1951


John Stevenson Collection


The photograph is not taken from Blackbridge, but from from above the quay at Pill Fold, on the Milford side of Blackbridge.


The vessel in the foreground are believed to be former German torpedo boats, one of which was renovated, using parts from the other.


Halfway up, projecting out into the Pill, is another former torpedo boat which was converted into a houseboat, and beyond it is a derelict wooden drifter, believed to be SILVER PRINCE LT145, which was assigned to the Harbour Service Pool of HMS SKIRMISHER, the Milford Haven RN Base, from 24th January 1941 until 17th December 1945.  She was sold to Capt. Thomas RN, of Milford, in 1947.


Haven and Docks