Haven and Docks


   "New Docks at Milford Haven", 1889        Docks Entrance
     Point Fields 1912         Shipping off Scotch Bay


      Docks, 1890      S.S. SPREE 1892
     Docks 1900      Docks c.1904
      Fishing Boats in Dock, early 1900s      Landing Fish, early 1900s
     Taking in Ice, early 1900s      Docks & Harbour c.1904
     Trawler on the Patent Slip, c.1909    FUCHSIA on the patent slip
     The Docks from Hakin, early 1900s       Trawlers, c.1911
         Between the Wars   Winding the lock gates
    Docks, 1951      Mackerel Stage
     Entrance to the docks at low tide, 1930s     Entrance to the Docks, c.1948
           The Docks in the early 1950s      Docks and Front Street, c.1953
     Docks entrance c.1950           Haven from Front Street c. 1950s
      Docks - c.1950s      Docks and Fish Market - c.1950s
    MILFORD DUKE & DUCHESS, 1950s    Aerial view, 1950s
   Tide out (1968), with KATIE-ANN     Tide out (1968), with ROGER BUSHELL
   "Freezers" In the Dock, late 1970s     Lock gates, April 2009
     Docks, c.1970s      Docks, c.1970s

Fish Market

           Interior of Fish Market, early 1900s            Interior of Fish Market, early 1900s
       Lister Auto Truck        Hellings - Fish Merchants
    In Milford's hey-day     Luxton's - Fish Merchants
     A busy day on the Market, c.1960    "Prickett's" - 1900s to 1970s

Ward's Yard and Castle Pill

     Scotch Bay and Ward's Yard, c.1869-1920      Ward's Yard and the Mine Depot
       Entrance to the Pill      The foot of Beach Hill from the Pill entrance
   Beach Hill to Blackbridge, pre 1872     The Cellars, looking towards Blackbridge, c.1930s
    The Cellars, looking towards Blackbridge, c.1970s      Castle Pill from near Blackbridge, 1951