Ward's Yard and the Mine Depot


John Stevenson Collection


During the War, the US Navy took over Ward's pier, and US landing craft were fitted out at Ward's Yard.

Among the many vessels broken up in the post-war years were, in 1955, the Blue Funnel cargo ship GLAUCUS, and in the following year the "Hunt" Class destroyer TETCOTT.  Both ships had participated in the Sicily landings.


The Royal Naval Armament Depot (usually referred to as the Mine or Mining Depot) was opened in 1939, with extensive underground storage areas, and a strengthened pier for loading and off-loading munitions.

During the War, the fast minelayers LATONA, ABDIEL, MANXMAN, WELSHMAN, ARIADNE and APOLLO, as well as other vessels,  loaded mines at the Newton Noyes pier (seen in the background).

Over 1000 workers were employed there during the War, but by the 1980s only 240 remained, and the Depot was closed in 1988.



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