Official No:  132884     Port Number and Year: 10th in Cardiff 1913 (CF42)

                                                                                   -     in La Rochelle, 1926.

                                                                                 12th in Milford 1937

                                                                                   -     in Hull, 1947 (H382)

                                                                                   -     in Aberdeen, 1947 (A510)

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw; coal burning. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail and mizzen.

Crew: 10

Registered at Milford: 4 Mar 1938

Built: Smith Dock Co., Middlesborough, in 1913.  (Yard no. 547)

Tonnage: 255.01 grt  99.36 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 125.0 / 23.5 / 12.3

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 85 hp. 10.5 kts.  Engine and boiler by builders.




4 Jun 1913: Neale & West, Hope St., Cardiff.

Managers: Wilfred Neale, Morley H. Neale, and Joshua S. Neale.



1926: Henri Véron et Cie., 27 Rue de Réaumur, La Rochelle, France.



Oct 1937: Reginald Llewellyn Hancock, 'Beachways', Fort Rd., Hakin (64/64)

Managing owner.


4 Dec 1938: Hancock's Ship Building (Pembroke).  (64/64)

Managing owner: Reginald Llewellyn Hancock.


21 Apr 1939: Reginald Llewellyn Hancock, 'Beachways', Fort Rd., Hakin.

Frederick Lovell Hancock.

Alan Lovell Hancock.

Wilfrid Lovell Hancock, 20 Great North Road, Milford.


1 May 1942: J. Bennett (Wholesale), Neptune House, London

Manager: William Alfred Bennett, 'Mountwood', Sanderstead, Surrey.


As H382

20 Jan 1947: Lord Line, Hull. 


As A510

1947: Joseph Craig, Aberdeen.

Managing owner.


1949: Kinbrace (Fishing), Aberdeen.


Landed at Milford:  9 Oct 1937 - 25 Aug 1939


Richard Webb Hannaford

Ernest Frank James


Sasebo is a city in Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan. 

Avola is a city in the province of Syracuse, Sicily. 

Jun 1915: Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper as SASEBO: Admy. no. 1773; 1x12 pdr.

27 Aug 1939: Requisitioned and converted to minesweeper as AVOLA: P. No. FY.514 (>FY.1730).  Part of M/S Trawler Gp. 119 based at Harwich.

Apr 1946: Returned to owners.

1954: Broken up.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 20 Jan 1947.  Transferred to Hull registry.


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