Courtesy of Barry Banham Maritime Photo Collection

Official No:  139991      Port Number and Year:   64th in Lowestoft, 1919 (LT568)

                                                                                     3rd in Milford, 1922 (M248)

                                                                                       -   in Boulogne, 1922

                                                                                     3rd in Milford, 1927 (M131)

                                                                                       -   in Lowestoft, 1932 (LT269)

Description: Admiralty Steel Drifter. Liner, coal burning. Dandy rigged: foresail, mizzen.

Crew:  10 men (1919); 8 men (1922); 9 men (1932-34).

Registered at Milford: As GLOSS, 19 May 1922; as MURIELLE, 14 Jun 1927.

Built: 1919, by Colby Bros., Oulton Broad, Lowestoft.

Tonnage: 95.65 grt  40.66 net. (By 1928: 37 net.)

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  86.2  / 18.55 / 9.3

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 34 nhp.; 9.5 kts.; engine by Pollit & Wigzall, Sowerby Bridge, and boiler by Ruston & Hornsby, Lincoln.




8 Oct 1919: Lion Fishing Co. Ltd., Old Bank of England Court, Queen St., Norwich.

Manager: Ernest Turrell, Roosvelt, Kessingland, Suffolk.


As M248

23 Mar 1922: Sarah Isobel Hancock, 5 Picton Rd., Hakin.

Manager: Peter Llewellyn Hancock.



13 Aug 1922: A. Maxton, 2 Quai Gambetta, Boulogne. 

As MURIELLE [Renamed on or after 1924 - see Lloyd's report via "The Times" below.]


As M131

14 Jun 1927: Edward James Hellings, 5 Hamilton Tce., Milford

Managing owner.


As LT269

15 Aug 1932: Alfred Samuel Ling, 45 Royal Ave., Lowestoft

Sidney Owen Bird, 40 St. Leonard's Rd., Lowestoft.

Managing owner: William Barnard, 196 Denmark Rd., Lowestoft.


By 1935: Jubilee Fishing Co. Ltd., Hamilton Rd., Lowestoft.

Manager: Alfred S. Ling, 45 Royal Ave., Lowestoft.


Landed at Milford: As GLOSS: 25 Mar - 30 May 1922

As MURIELLE: 23 Jun 1927 - 15 Aug 1931

Skippers: Sidney Harris (1922)


Gloss is a fair, bright appearance; Admiralty drifters were named as natural phenomena or meteorological names.  

Murielle is the French version of 'Muriel', which in the form of 'Meriel'  was very common in mediaeval England.

8 Aug 1919: Launched for Admiralty service (Admy. no. 4165).  Sold to mercantile in same year.

26 Jun 1924: GLOSS of Boulogne to that port, after collision with Cardiff MARION MERRETT (815 grt), which proceeded to Antwerp. [The Times, Friday 27th June 1924.] (Thanks to Gil Mayes.)  

28 Sep 1941: Damaged by mine, 9 miles SW by S of Morecambe Bay lightship; sank 3 miles W by N of Blackpool Tower, while in tow by OCEAN DAWN YH47 .

4 Oct 1941: Lowestoft register closed.

[Thanks to Gil Mayes.]

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed:  

(M248) 22 Aug 1922. Sold to French subjects.

(M131) 15 Aug 1932. Transferred to Lowestoft owners.


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