Official No:  105521   Port Number and Year: 11th in Grimsby, 1895 (GY775)

                                                                                  -    in North Shields, 1899 (SN30 )

Description: Iron side trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged.

Crew: 9 men (1895).

Built: 1894,  by R. Craggs & Sons, Middlesborough.  (Yard no. 97)

Tonnage: 150 grt  55 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 100.0 / 20.3 / 11.0

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 54 hp.; by Charles D. Holmes, Hull



As GY775

27 May 1895: Great Grimsby Albion Steam Fishing Co., Grimsby.

Manager: Richard Atkinson, Fish Dock, Grimsby.


As SN30

3 Oct 1899: The Castle Trawl & Line Fishing Co., North Shields.

Manager: Richard Irvin (jnr), North Shields.


Dec 1903: Houston & Davies Co., Docks, Milford.


Landed at Milford: 8 Jan 1904 - 28 Jan 1906

Skippers: Nicholls (1904); Cutler (1905); Scott (1906)


Feb 1906: Foundered off the Saltees.

 Accidents and Incidents

From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 1st January 1904:




        There has, as usual, been a poor demand for fish of late and on Monday though 17 steamers were berthed and there were some good catches, prices ruled very low. The new steam trawler 'Reliance' belong to Mr Cayley, which is to be in charge of one of the pioneers of the local fish trade, Capt. P. Ebbesen, has arrived in port and during the last few days another addition has been made to the fleet by Messrs Houston, Davies & Ward who have secured the trawler 'Hindustan', which vessel left Milford for the fishing grounds on Tuesday. The trawlers Florence, Kathleen, Ethel, Elsia and Julia, which have been working here for a few months, under the Central Steam Giphing Co. [sic - i.e. Fishing], are to be sold at Milford next month which will give an opportunity for local capitalists to keep the vessels working from the port.


From the Milford Haven Telegraph, of 14th February 1906:


    The steam trawler “Hindustan”, belonging to Messrs. Houston, Davies & Company, sprang a leak about eight o’clock on the evening of Tuesday week, and two hours later sank off the Saltees Rocks about 30 miles south-west of the Smalls Lighthouse.  The crew were fortunately picked up by the Milford steam trawler “Fuchsia” (Sellick, Morley & Price) and landed at Milford on Wednesday morning.  The “Hindustan”, at the time of the disaster, was on her way back to her home port of Milford with a good catch of fish, and had about 90 kits of hake aboard.


From B.T. and R. Larn (2002):   Shipwreck Index of Ireland 

HINDUSTAN        06/02/1906

Co.Wexford, Coningbeg L/s., off    52N 06.40W.


 Voyage: Milford Haven - Fishing grounds


Foundered and lost offshore after developing a leak in wind conditions N x E force 4.




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