Official No:  127413   Port Number and Year: 2nd in Milford, 1908

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail and mizzen.

Crew:  9 > 10 men

Registered at Milford: 9 Mar 1908

Built: 1908 by Goole Shipbuilding & Repairing Co., Goole. (Yard no. 112)

Tonnage: 228.26 grt  68.37 net (1908); 87.26 net (amended 1 Jan 1914).

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 120.0 / 21.6 / 11.47

Engine: T 3-cyl. 68 hp. 10 kts.  Engine: 1908, by W.V.V. Lidgerwood, Coatbridge, Glasgow. 

Boiler: 1908, by S. B. Richardson, Westgarth & Co., Middlesborough.



9 Mar 1908: Pater Steam Trawling Co., Main St., Pembroke.

Manager: Thomas Rees, Argyle St., Pembroke Dock.


Landed at Milford:  5 Mar 1908 - 19 May 1915; 24 Feb 1919 - 8 Dec 1935.


Robert Major Limbrick, Cert.7616, age 47, born London, residing 14 Upper Hill St., Hakin; signed on 19 Feb 1908

Robert Hastings 5529, 41, London, 3 Charles St., Milford; 27 May, 10 Jul 1908

James Macdonald 7989, 25, Hull, - ; 3 Nov 1908

W. Griffiths 7810; 8 Jan 1909.

J. Kilby 1427; 24 Aug 1909.

J.R.S. King 8265, 28, Gorleston, Pill Rd., Pill, Milford ; 21 Jan, 18 Aug 1910

C. Masterson 5746, 34, Salisbury, Pill, Milford; 10 Jul 1910

Ben Richards 4475, 36, Tenby, 'Newlyn Villa', Park Place, Tenby; 14 Jan, 10 May 1911

J. Eded 7249, 27, Torquay, - ; 6 Mar 1911

Bartholomew Foster 1608; 5 Oct 1911.

Wm. Grieves Payne 2972, 44, Scarborough, Robert St., Milford ; 5 Jul 1912; 20 Mar 1913

J. Clark 3689, 48, Hull, Greville Rd., Milford; 16 Jul 1912; 7 Jan 1913

J. W. Beck, 6604, 1914

A.W. King, 7776; 18 Mar 1920.


Jun 1916: Requisitioned for war service and converted for minesweeping duties (Admy.No.1798).Mar 1917: Renamed ARDENT II.

Laid up 3 Jan 1936 - 16 Apr 1937.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 18 Oct 1937. Vessel broken up at Llanelly.

 Accidents and Incidents

From The Irish Times of Wednesday 29th December 1909, p.7:


    The disabled steam trawler Monarch, on which seven men have been drifting since the 17th, was picked up off the Blasket Islands on Monday night by the trawler Weymouth, and was yesterday towed into port at Tralee.  The Monarch belonged to Cardiff, and owing to an accident in the engine room she was disabled, and four men scalded.  The captain and one man left for assistance in a small boat, and were picked up on Monday.

    The master of the steam trawler Ardent, on arrival at Milford Haven yesterday, stated that on Sunday he came alongside the trawler Monarch in tow of the trawler Weymouth eighty miles south-west by south of the Bull Rock light on the West coast of Ireland.  It was blowing hard at the time, and only the engineer on the Monarch could speak.  He said they had broken down nine days previously.  The bottom of the fore engine had blown right out, scalding the second engineer, a deck hand, and cook, who were put aboard the Weymouth.  The mate refused to leave the Monarch.


From The Weekly Mail of Saturday 1st January 1910:


    The disabled Cardiff steam trawler Monarch, on which seven men have been drifting since the 17th inst., was picked up off the Blaskets Islands, West Coast of Ireland, late on Monday night by the Milford trawler Weymouth, and is being towed to port.

    Captain KIlby, of the steam trawler Ardent, of Milford, interviewed on Tuesday, stated that he was alongside the Cardiff trawler Monarch for a couple of hours on Sunday. The Milford trailer Weymouth was towing the Monarch under difficulties. The hawser parted once. While the Ardent was alongside the Monarch's engineer told Captain Kilby that the fore engine was blown right out through the bursting of the condenser, badly injuring the second engineer, the mate, a third hand, and the cook. The Ardent offered assistance, but Captain Woodgate, of the Weymouth, said that he was making for the nearest port. They were then about 80 miles south-east by east of Bull Bock Light, and Captain Kilby judged from the course steered and by the fog and wind prevailing, that the Weymouth was bound to make Milford. She had not arrived by Tuesday night's tide.



From The Pembroke County Guardian of Friday 5th August 1910:


Accident to a Mate. On Saturday Mr. Dan Riley, mate of the steam trawler Ardent, was put ashore with an injured ankle. In attempting to cross from his vessel to the steam trawler Ruby. Mr. Riley twisted his ankle, sustaining a severe sprain.





From an unknown local newspaper from the week beginning 11th May 1930:

    Three Milford trawlers were concerned in an exciting case of salvage off the Smalls on Sunday last.  A steam hopper and tender was towing a big dredger from the port of Southampton to the Isle of Man and encountered bad weather in the Channel.  In a strong wind, the towing warps parted and got entangled in the hopper's propeller and rendered the craft helpless.  She was now being driven alongside the dredger, and the two vessels were badly damaged through the bumping caused by the roll of the sea.  The Milford trawler "Ardent" (Pater Steam Trawling Company) came alongside and rendered assistance. She was followed by the steam trawler "E & F" (David Pettit, Limited), and the steam trawler "William Caldwell" (Mr. John Henry Dove).  The "William Caldwell" took hold of the hopper and towed her to Milford, and arrived that afternoon, whilst the other two trawlers held on to the dredger, and they arrived in the Haven about 5.30 p.m. that day  Both vessels were damaged and are now in Milford Docks undergoing repairs. 


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