Official No:  96250     Port Number and Year: 20th in Grimsby, 1891 (GY321)

                                                                                 6th in Milford, 1900 (M154)

                                                                               19th in Swansea, 1905 (SA6)

                                                                                   -   in Glasgow, 1905 (GW14)

Description: Iron side trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail, mizzen.

Crew: 10 men (1891; 1900)

Registered at Milford: 28 May 1900

Built: 1891; Great Grimsby Co-operative Box & Fish Carrying Co., Grimsby.  (Yard no. ?)

Tonnage: 173.64 grt 84.13 net.

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 108.0 / 20.6 / 10.8 

Engine: T.3-cyl; 50 hp; by Great Grimsby Co-operative Box & Fish Carrying Co., Grimsby.   

Boiler by Amos & Smith, Hull.




May 1891: Great Grimsby Cooperative Box and Fish Carrying Co., Grimsby

Manager: Samuel H. Clarke.  1894: George W. Alward.


1898: Great Central Co-operative Engineering & Ship Repairing Co., Grimsby.

Manager: George W. Alward.



4 May 1899: Danish owners.



29 May 1900: Thomas Ridley Oswald, Castle Hall, Castle Pill, Milford.

Managing owner.


Jan 1904: Rhondda Fishing Co., Swansea.

Oct 1905: As SA6


1906: Charles F. Paton, 25 East Clyde St., Glasgow. (MNL 1907.)



1907: H. Alexander & Others, Glasgow. (Olsen's 1908.)


Landed at Milford:  24 Jun 1900 - 2 Apr 1902; 12, 16, 25 Aug 1904.


W. Pye, 29 May 1900.

William Spurgeon 3707, age 38, born Gt.Yarmouth, residing 3 Gwilli Rd., Hakin; signed on 7 Jul 1900.

J.H. Elliott 1897, 34, Brixham, - ; 18 Sep 1900

A. Abbey 3215, 35, Oundle, - ; 28 Sep 1900; 7 Jan 1901

W.T. Smith 5908, 23, Bexhill, - ; 17 Jan 1901

F.A. Walker 4332, 38, Lynmouth, - ; 18 Jun, 9 Jul 1901

J.P. Moran 5488, 26, Hull, - ; 11 Aug 1901

J.W. Peters 3951, 31, Hull, - ; 12 Oct 1901

Arthur Windass 5381, 23, Brixham, St.Peter's Rd., Milford; 23 Apr 1902.

George C. Nicholls 5538, 39, Stamford, Castle Terrace, Pill; 15 May, 3 Jul 1902

R. Hooper 6686, 41, Plymouth, - ; 30 Jul 1902

H. Spurgeon -, 41, Grimsby, - ; 9 Feb 1903

J. Gillard 2567, 38, Brixham, - ; 24 Mar, 13 Aug 1903

A. Bennet 3567, 35, Ipswich, - ; 10 Oct 1903

W. Postle 3612, 40, Norfolk, Fabian St., Swansea; 1 Jan 1904


23 Jun 1900: Towed into Milford Haven by s.t. DOWLAIS of Milford.

7 Nov - 17 Dec 1902:  Laid up for overhaul; crew laid off.

1903: Oswald's entire fleet transferred to Swansea, but remained registered in Milford.

1906: Insured by the owner, Rhondda Fishing Co., for 2,250.

15 Jul 1907: Stranded and wrecked at Sanaigmore Bay, Rhinns of Islay, West Coast of Scotland. Skipper E. Cook & crew rescued.

1908: Glasgow registry closed.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed:

"Cancelled transferred to Port of Swansea 23 October 1905.  J. W. Crocker. Registrar."

 Accidents and Incidents

[See also DOWLAIS ]

Log book entries:



Off the Docks entrance, Milford Haven.

Stern badly damaged.  Collision with steam trawler 'Japonica' of Milford.

[ See newspaper report below. ]



G. Cladworthy [Clapworthy?] refused duty on the 14th and commenced fighting with the trimmer and had to take the ship back.

Witnesses: W. McCarty (Cook)

                  C. Williams (Deckie)

Trimmer:    Richard Morse, age 21, from Hakin.

    J.P. Moran (Skipper)



170 miles W by S of St. Ann's Head.

Broken shaft.

    J.P. Moran (Skipper)



Strong breeze from SW.  Dragged anchor, watch not keeping a lookout.  Went ashore 10 mins. to 6.  Got off at 1 p.m.

    W. Postle (Skipper)



From The South Wales Daily Post of Saturday 17th November 1900:

    On Thursday night, while entering Milford Dock a collision occurred between the steam trawler Japonica, belonging to the Waterford Steam Trawling Company, and the steam trawler Brazilian, owned by Mr. T. R. Oswald. It is reported that the latter vessel struck the former amid-ships, loosening several of her plates, besides doing other damage, while the Brazilian had a broken stem and other slight damages. 


From The Cambrian of Friday, 2nd September 1904

Swansea Steam Trawlers Put Up

      At the Hotel Metropole, Swansea, on Tuesday, Messrs. Leeder and Sons offered, by order of the mortgagees, a fleet of five steam trawlers, the property of Mr. Oswald, bankrupt, namely the Brazilian, Sea Swallow, Sea Gull, Ayacanora, and Birda. The first four had been working in the Swansea fish trade up to date of sale. The Birda needed repairs.

    There was no bid for the fleet in one lot. Mr. Leeder asked for a bid over 6,000, saying they had an offer, but were just carrying out their engagement to offer the boats by public auction. Still there was no bid, and the same condition prevailed when the boats were offered separately.

    Last of all the trawling smack Reaper, 63 feet in length, built at Brixham in 1883, was offered. Bids began at 100, and the boat was sold to Mr. W. H. Smith and Co., Goole and Hull, for 150.



From The Cambrian of Friday 7th July 1905:


    Before Messrs. J. Powell and W. Johnston.


    Robert Jenkins, foreman, Albert Williams, labourer; Wm. Flipping, fisherman; Thomas Lovegood, fisherman; James Smith, labourer; and James Regan, fisherman, charged with sleeping on board the steam trawler Brazilian, and having no visible means, etc., were dismissed.



From The Weekly Mail of Saturday 6th July 1907:


    David Barber and David Letts, two seamen, charged at Swansea on Monday with disobeying the lawful orders of the captain of the steam trawler Brazilian, were each sentenced to fourteen days' hard labour. The defendants, it was stated, refused to work, and went ashore.



From Larn B.T. & Larn R. (1998): Shipwreck Index of the British Isles - Scotland.


FERN                                                                15/07/1907

Islay, Sanaigmore Bay, near                     55.51.20N 06.25.25W


Stranded and lost in wind conditions N force 2.



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