Official No:  124717  Port Number and Year:  11th in Swansea, 1907 (SA47)

                                                                                     - in Grimsby, 1925 (GY217)

                                                                                  1st in Milford, 1933

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged: foresail, mainsail and mizzen

Crew:  9 men

Registered at Milford: 3 Feb 1933.

Built: 1907 by Smiths Dock Co., Middlesborough.  (Yard no. 349)

Tonnage: 252.24 grt  79 net  (1914: 96.55 net.)

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 120.4 / 22.1 / 11.7

Engine: T 3-cyl. 68 rhp. 10 kts.; by Shields Engineering and Dry Dock, North Shields 1907.  Boiler: R. Stephenson, Hebbern, 1907 




20 Aug 1907: Izaak Walton Fishing Co. Ltd., South Dock Basin, Swansea.

Manager: Crawford Heron, South Dock Basin, Swansea.


20 Feb 1925:  John E. Rushworth, Fish Docks, Grimsby. 

Managing owner.

6 May 1925: As CYLVIDA GY217


Mar 1929: R. D. Clarke Ltd., Fish Docks, Grimsby.

Manager: Thomas B. Roberts, 222 Grimsby Rd., Cleethorpes.

26 Jan 1933: Grimsby registry closed.


As M146

3 Feb 1933: Frank Armitage, 'Ethandune', Pill Lane (16/64).  (Trawler skipper)

Managing owner: Edgar Erel Carter, Docks, Milford (48/64).


Landed at Milford:  (GY217) 1, 15 Feb 1933.

(M146) 28 Feb 1933  - 20 Jun 1937

Skippers: Frank Armitage (1933-37)


Izaak Walton (15931683), author and biographer; his most esteemed work was his fishing manual: The Compleat Angler (1653).  [Oxford Dictionary of National Biography.]

Nov 1914: Requisitioned as IZAAK WALTON and converted to a minesweeper. (Admy. no. 661). 1x4in,  1x6 pdr AA.

11-14 Feb 1917: Salvaged SS ROANOKE, together with other HM Ships.

Jul 1918 - Nov 1918: Q ship.

1919: Returned to owners.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 2 Sep 1937.  Broken up at Llanelly

 Accidents and Incidents

From The Cambrian of Friday 23rd August 1907:


The first of a new Swansea of trawling belonging to the Izaak Walton Trawler Company arrived at the South Dock Wharf on Monday morning, from North Shields for fitting up.



From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 28th December 1934:


    When the Steam Trawler "Cylvida" tied up at the Market Wall in the docks at Milford Haven on Boxing Day, the body of one of the crew was reverently carried ashore.  The victim was the fireman John William Winterbottom, who was residing in lodgings with a Mrs Gibbs, Hermons Hill, Haverfordwest.  Mr Winterbottom was not a local man but a native of Huddersfield.  He was fifty four years old and single.

    The S/T "Cylvida" is owned by Mr E. Carter.  The vessel left port last week (Thursday), [and] on Monday she was on the fishing grounds engaged in trawling.  The weather conditions were heavy seas running.

    The Skipper of the "Cylvida",  Mr Armitage, was horrified to see the fireman struggling in the foam astern of the vessel, [and] without any hesitation, after shouting to the crew, he leaped over the side and in his heavy gear and swam to the rescue.  He grasped hold of Mr Winterbottom and held on while the trawler put about.  When it was close enough one of the crew threw a heaving line.  Both the men were then pulled to the ship's side, and Skipper Armitage was hauled on board exhausted.   Mr Winterbottom was brought up and laid on the deck.  Artificial respiration was applied but to no avail.


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