DE LA POLE  M195 / FD144


Courtesy of Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust and The Bosun's Watch

Official No:  144161    Port Number and Year: 5th in Montrose, 1919 (ME67)

                                                                              17th in Fleetwood, 1922 (FD417)

                                                                              56th in Hull, 1931 (H395)

                                                                               4th in Milford, 1935 (M195)

                                                                                -     in Hull, 1939 (H234)

                                                                                -     in Fleetwood, (FD144)

Description: Castle Class steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning. Ketch rigged: mizzen.

Crew: 11 men

Registered at Milford: 9 Dec 1935

Built: 1919 by Cook, Welton & Gemmell, Beverely, as JOSHUA ARABIN.  (Yard no. 415)

Tonnage: 290.16 grt  126.58 net

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 125.5  / 23.5 / 12.7

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 86.4 nhp.10 kts.  Engine and boiler: 1919, by Amos & Smith, Hull.




26 Dec 1919: Montrose Fishing Co. Ltd., 81 High St., Montrose.

Manager:  Charles F. Paton, 25 East Clyde St., Glasgow


Managers: W. C. Simpson. (1922)


As FD417

Sep 1922: Melling Trawlers Ltd, 7 Fish Trade Bldngs., Fleetwood.

Manager: Henry Melling, East Lodge, Watling St. Road, Preston.

1 Oct 1922: Registered at Fleetwood.

18 Nov 1922: As LENA MELLING FD417


As H395

21 Dec 1931: Farrow's Steam Fishing Co. Ltd., South Side, St. Andrews Dock, Hull.

Managers: William G. Farrow & George Altoft. (Same address.)

18 Jan 1932: As DE LA POLE H395.


23 Aug 1932: Hudson Steam Fishing Co. Ltd., St. Andrews Dock, Hull

Manager: Archibald Hudson, "St. Catherine's", Swanland Rd., Hessle, E. Yorks.


As M195

15 Nov 1935: Harry E. Rees, 'Mirador', The Rath, Milford.

Managing owner.


As H234

1 Sep 1939: Henriksen & Co., St. Andrews Dock, Hull.

Manager: Olaf H. Henriksen.


13 Feb 1944: Clifton Steam Trawlers, Siding Rd., Fleetwood.

13 Dec 1945: As FD144

1955: Re-styled Boston Deep Sea Fisheries, 238 Dock St., Fleetwood

Manager: Fred Parkes, 60 Warbreck Hill, Blackpool.

Nov 1956: W. H. Kerr (Ship Chandlers) Ltd., Milford. (Managing agents.)


Landed at Milford: 8 Dec 1935 -13 Aug 1939; 27 Nov 1956 - 4 Jun 1957

Skippers: Ivor Phillips (1956);


Joshua Arabin, age 42, born Yorkshire; A.B., HMS ROYAL SOVEREIGN, Trafalgar.

(Sir William) De La Pole was a wealthy wool merchant in Kingston on Hull, died 1366, and his surname survives in Hull place names.

1 May 1919: Launched as Admiralty Trawler JOSHUA ARABIN ( 4299)

9 Oct 1919: Completed as a commercial fishing vessel.

13 Jan 1925: LENA MELLING assisted Liverpool steamer AQUILLA (450grt/1907) in Ramsey Bay; flooded and without steam. Towed to safety.

19 Oct 1933: DE LA POLE with fouled propeller towed by ALMANDINE in a strong SSW wind, 85 miles N by E from Humber.

28 May 1940: Requisitioned for war service and converted for anti submarine duties (P.No. 4.129).

Jun 1941: Converted for minesweeping duties (P.No. FY.558).

19 Dec 1945: Returned to owners after being re-classed at Liverpool.

24 Jan 1953: Laid up.

[Information kindly supplied by Gil Mayes, Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust.]

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 10 Nov 1939. Transferred to Hull.

16 Nov 1957.  Broken up at Wards Yard, Castle Pill.

 Accidents and Incidents:

From the West Wales Guardian of Friday 16th November 1956:


    Messrs. W. H. Kerr and Son are bringing the Castle class trawler De La Pole to Milford, and she will leave for the fishing grounds this weekend.  She has been bought from Clifton Trawlers, Fleetwood.

    The De La Pole will be in charge of Skipper Ivor Phillips, latterly leading skipper with Consolidated Fisheries of Swansea.  A native of Milford, he gained his ticket here, and is a brother of the late Skipper Jack Phillips, Dewsland Street.  Sailing as mate with him will be Mr. Billy Reynolds, Stratford Road, former skipper of the Bahama.


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