Official No:  109890    Port Number and Year:  24th in North Shields, 1898 (SN257)

                                                                                     -    in Oporto, 1911

                                                                                     -    in North Shields, 1913 (SN237)

                                                                                   5th  in Fleetwood, 1919 (FD35)

                                                                                    8th in Milford, 1929

Description: Steel side trawler; steam screw, coal burning.   Ketch rigged: mizzen sail.

Crew:  9 men

Registered at Milford: 30 Jul 1929

Built: 1898, by Alexander Hall & Co., Aberdeen (Yard no. 372)

Tonnage: 194 grt  67.05 net; (1 Jan 1914: 77 net).

Length / breadth / depth (feet):  112.0  / 21.2 / 11.6

Engine: T 3-Cyl. 65 nhp. 11 kts.; engine and boiler by builder.




6 Oct 1898: William H. Dodds, 60 Ferryhill Rd., Aberdeen.

Managing owner.

By 1903: The Dodds Steam Fishing Co. Ltd., 156 Market St., Aberdeen.

Manager: William H. Dodds. (Same address.)

                   J. Pettit, Milford (1904-6)



Jan 1911:  G. Puls, Oporto.



19 May 1913: The Dodds Steam Fishing Co. Ltd., 172 Market St., Aberdeen.

Manager: William H. Dodds. (Same address.)


5 Jun 1916: The Hesketh Steam Trawlers Ltd., Fleetwood.

Manager: Ernest Taylor, Knowsley Villas, Victoria Rd., Thornton-le-Fylde. (1916-21)

28 Feb 1919: As FD35.

Managers: Joseph A. Taylor & Harold Taylor, Orient Buildings, Station Rd., Fleetwood. (1921-24)

Manager: Magnus B. J. Wedum, 114 Dock St., Fleetwood. (1924.)                    


1925: Frederick Swann, 9 Seafield Rd., Lytham, Lancs., & G. J. Ward, Lytham.

Manager: Walter Morley, 1 Preston St., Fleetwood.


1926: George Brown, 8/10 Coal Hill, Leith.

Managing owner.



30 Jul 1929: Iago Trawling Co., Docks, Milford

Albert Edward Marchant, 52 Dewsland St., Milford (Fish buyer) (21/64)

Frank D. Alexander Locke, 12 Waterloo Rd., Hakin. (Engineer) (21/64) (Managing owner 1930-37)

Managing owner: Frank Thomas Vaughan, 8 Hill St., Hakin (22/64)  (1929)


Landed at Milford: As SN257: 5 Sep 1904 - 2 Jan 1906.

As M29: 5 Jul 1929 - 8 Mar 1937


J.W. Beck (Sep 1904 - May 1905);

J. Chamberlain (Oct 1905 - Jan 1906)

Also occasionally: G. Gibbs; Pettit; P. Ebbesen; J. Turner.


Laureate - a poet worthy of laurels, a winner; Laureado is the Portuguese translation.

17 Jan 1900: Towed s.t. OCEAN BRIDE into Aberdeen, after she had broken down 60-70 miles off Aberdeen.  [Aberdeen Weekly Journal, 18th January 1900.]

Mar 1917: At Fleetwood. Fitted with Nordenfelt 6pdr gun (No.269); compliment increased by two gunners.

29 May 1917: Requisitioned for Fishery Reserve.

1918: Released.

7 Nov 1921:  Dennis Randlesome, skipper of LAUREATE, rescued two seamen of the Norwegian ALF, foundered off Smith's Knoll LV, N. Sea. (Awarded a silver cup to Skipper Randlesome by the Norway Government.)  [The Times, Thursday, 16 Mar 1922.]
7 May 1937: Sold to Belgium for breaking up.

[Thanks to The Bosun's Watch and the Fleetwood Maritime Heritage Trust.]  

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 1 Sep 1937.  Milford registry closed, breaking up completed.

Accidents and Incidents

From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph, Wednesday 7th September 1904:

    On Monday, the steam trawler "Laureate", from Aberdeen, landed her first trip at the port.  This adds another to the list of Scotch trawlers which have been working out of the port for the last twelve months.  She is under the management of Mr. John Pettit, fish salesman and trawler owner.


From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 5th May 1905:



    Matthew Davies, of Priory, Milford Haven, was charged with the theft of a watch, silver albert, and silver medal, value 3 10s, the property of Edmund Smedley, of Warwick Road, Milford Haven.

    Smedley said he was an engineer, and in January belonged to the trawler Laureate. Having discharged the cargo he went ashore, leaving other men, of which the accused was one, at work on the ship. Hanging up in his berth were his watch, silver albert, and a medal with his name on it. On returning to the ship he missed the watch, but said nothing, thinking that someone had taken away the watch as a joke. He did, however, mention the matter to the police and on returning from his next trip to sea he gave information to the police. The watch and chain produced were his property, but the medal was not his. He knew the accused well, and had often spoken to him about the watch, mentioning on one occasion that he would give 2 for its recovery.

    P.S. Brinn spoke to meeting the accused in the Alma Inn on April 15th, when he asked him to be 2 for its recovery. P.S. Brinn spoke to meeting the accused in the Alma Inn on April 15th, when he asked him to be allowed to see the watch in his pocket. Taking it out of his pocket, accused said, "It is Ted Smedley's watch. I bought it off a trimmer for 5s." Witness took possession of the watch, and two days later charged the accused with its theft. Accused repeated his story, adding that he did not know the man's name from whom he bought it, but that he would easily recognise him if he saw him.

    The accused, who pleaded not guilty, was fined 1 and costs, 2 13s altogether, and the watch and chain were restored to their rightful owner.



From The Pembrokeshire Herald and General Advertiser of Friday 10th November 1905:



ACCIDENT ON MILFORD TRAWLER. Charles Goffem, boatswain on the steam trawler Laureate, was landed at Milford Haven on Wednesday with a fractured leg. On the previous evening a man, whose name is unknown, boatswain on the schooner Dublin, was landed at Milford and taken to the Seamen's Mission. He was hauling in a rope when he fell face downwards on a chain, and was stunned. He had not sufficiently recovered on Wednesday to give an account of the accident. 


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