Official No:  129968    Port Number and Year: 13th in Lowestoft, 1910 (LT623)

                                                                                  8th in Milford, 1915

                                                                                     -  in Inverness, 1929 (INS39)

Description: Steel; steam screw, coal burning. Drifter (1910). Long liner (1915). Dandy rigged.

Crew:  8 men (1915).

Registered at Milford: 13 Aug 1915

Built: 1910, by Cochrane & Son, Selby.  (Yard no. 460). 1911 (Yard no. 504 - see Notes.)

Tonnage: 74 grt 34 net (By 1912: 77.44 grt   35.97 net.)

Length / breadth / depth (feet): 80.2 / 18.15 / 8.42

Engine: 2 cyl.; 28 nhp. 9.5 kts.  Engine: Crabtree & Co., Great Yarmouth. 

Boiler: Riley Bros., Stockton on Tees.




24 May 1910: Lowestoft Steam Herring Drifters Co. Ltd.,  26 Herring Market, Lowestoft.

Manager: Thomas Sergeant.


1913:  William T. Tripp, Dambrook House, Kessingland, Suffolk.

Managing owner.



13 Aug 1915: William Henry East, 84 Priory Rd., Milford.

Managing owner.


7 Feb 1919:  William Edwin Luke, 'St. Lawrence Cottages', Hubberston.

Managing owner: William Henry East, 84 Priory Rd., Milford.


4 Dec 1919: William Henry East (Jnr.), 77 Waterloo Rd., Hakin.   (8/64)

William Edwin Luke, 'St. Lawrence Cottages', Hubberston.            (8/64)

Managing owner: William Henry East, 84 Priory Rd., Milford.     (48/64)

12 Oct 1921: As TRIPP M62


6 Sep 1927: William Henry East, 84 Priory Rd., Milford.

Managing owner.



2 Sep 1929: William Backie, 10 Gordon St., Hopeman, Morayshire.

Managing owner.


1936: Mrs. Maggie A. Backie, 10 Gordon St., Hopeman, Morayshire.

Managing owner.


Jan 1943: George R. Wood, Aberdeen.

W. Mair, Portknockie.

3 Jun 1943: As WEST NEUK BF375


Landed at Milford:

LORD LEITRIM: 24 Jul 1919 - 11 Nov 1921.

TRIPP: 19 Jan 1922 - 28 May 1928.


James Edwards 8240

Charles Henry Jackson 6989

George Ernest Sturley 11395

William Charles Mayhew 2922

John P. James 4271 (1924)


Lord Leitrim: born 1879; 5th Earl; served in the Boer War, and was taken prisoner; a polo player, and opposed to votes for women.

West Neuk is not located on modern maps, but The Neuk is near the River Dee, SW of Aberdeen.

1911: Handed back to builder - not up to specification. 

12 Aug 1915: Lowestoft registry closed.

Dec 1915: Requisitioned as LORD LEITRIM, as anti-submarine net drifter (Admy.no. 2707); 1x6 pdr HA.

1917: With boom defence.

1919: Returned to owners.

20 Apr 1940: Requisitioned for war service as WEST NEUK, a barrage balloon vessel at Scapa Flow.

Oct 1940: Anti-submarine duty.

Nov 1940: Employed on miscellaneous duties.

27 Feb 1943: Returned to owners.

Jun 1943: Inverness registry closed.

1951: Broken up.

1952: Banff registry closed.

Cert. Cancelled & Milford Registry Closed: 2 Sep 1929. Vessel transferred to the port of Inverness.

[Lofthouse T., Mayes G., Newton D., & Thompson M. (2012): Cochrane Shipbuilders Vol.1: 1884 - 1914.]

 Accidents and Incidents

From the Haverfordwest & Milford Haven Telegraph of Wednesday 24th September, 1924:


    On Monday morning, the steam trawler "Tripp", owned by the firm of Mr. W. E. East, towed into Fishguard harbour the vessel "R. Passmore", a ketch (wood) from Liverpool, after a thrilling experience in the severe gales which raged on Sunday last.

    It was night time, off the Smalls, when the fishing liner saw the ketch showing signals of distress, and the skipper of the liner, Mr. J. P. James, of Dewsland Street, Milford, lost no time in heading his vessel towards the disabled sailing craft.

    He found the men aboard (four hands) at the point of exhaustion, having been in distress for something like fifty odd hours. By fine seamanship the ketch was taken in tow and brought into Fishguard harbour on Monday morning.

    The liner "Tripp" arrived in her  home port of Milford the same night, and landed her voyage of fish yesterday morning.

    The ketch "R. Passmore" was bound from Guernsey with a cargo of china clay.


[ R.PASSMORE, ON 96418, ketch, wood; registered Hull.  Built 1890, J. Garside, Burton - Stather.  Owners: D. W. Foreman, Dundee. ]




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